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Martin Pietras

Martin Pietras

United States, Seattle | Rochester Institute of Technology, 3D Digital Design
Game Development

About Me

Art and Design have always been an important part of my personal growth. 
As Designers we are tasked with finding creative solutions to the issues in our field.
When solving design issues the best moments are the Eureka moments, a culmination of experience, luck, and trial and error.
The mistakes we make reaching that moment are often what build us into more flexible and quick witted problem solvers.
With this attitude I am inspired by the world and circumstances I come into contact with.
The moment I knew I wanted to be a 3D Artist, came in such a Eureka moment.
Being an avid doodler as a child, and knowing I wanted to have creative freedom in my career;
I combined my technical knowledge and art skills to pursue a career as a 3D Materials / Environment Artist.
To not only create the story and space that captivates an audience, but to understand the technical and artistic tools and workflows in order to execute it.




  • 3D Materials Artist - Amazon-Seattle Washington
Responsible for creating and maintaining Photo-realistic modular/procedural materials for use in Substance Painter and IRAY, using Substance Designer. Assisting other artists and engineers with issues regarding color correction, maintaining real world values, and future proofing. 

  • 3D Materials Specialist - DIRS (Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Lab) Rochester New York
Responsible for integrating 3D standard workflows into a Remote Sensing Pipeline used for Satellite Imaging Simulations. Working and collaborating with Doctoral faculty and Engineers. Creating procedural photorealistic materials, environments, and procedural layout tools.

  • 3D Materials Specialist - Phototech Lab- Rochester New York
Working with Senior Faculty utilizing RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) and Photogrammetry. Managing and promoting cross-disciplinary work between departments. Collaborating in Paper published and presented at SIGGRAPH 2017. Teaching capture-methodology  and usability of real-world data with Computer Graphics. Aiding in creation of class curriculum.

  • 3D Environment Artist - Magic Studios-Rochester New York
 Responsible for Modeling, Sculpting, and Texturing assets based on specific Concept Art reference. Optimizing Bakes and models for use in Unity. Adhering to Art Director feedback and vision, mobilizing team of 3D artists based on feedback. 


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