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Marc Dominguez Martin

Marc Dominguez Martin

Spain, Barcelona | FX ANIMATION BARCELONA , Master in VFX
Visual Effects

About Me

I love to create my own stories. For example, when I was 8 years old I used to steal my brother's Warhammers (he is older than me) and my dad's Handycam to record my epic battles. Of course all was in a single shot and without visual effects or CGI and the real battles were in my mind not in the tape. I grew up and I went to the University to study a degree in audiovisual media but after my studies I realized that I had a problem... The stories that I wanted to create were impossible or too expensive and that's why I started to learn CGI. Creating a coliseum or a Second World War battleship or an epic Wharhammer war is difficult but now it's possible. It's my first year in the world of CGI and VFX and everyday I feel more professional. Giving up is not a possibility, but the best thing is that I love it! 


I spend 2 years in a company called Waynabox working as a 2D motion graphics editor and as a filmmaker. Of course, I did some commercials for different companies to pay my University and my Master degree. 
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