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Kristian Lagrange

Kristian LaGrange

Czech Republic, Prague | Howest University - Digital Arts and Entertainment, Game Graphics Production
Game Development

About Me

My name is Kristian LaGrange. I'm 20 years old and I'm from the Czech republic. I'm enrolled at Howest, Digital Arts and Entertainment, major Game Graphics Production. I'm currently in my first year.
I loved to draw since I was little. When I was 8, I watched the behind-the-scenes footage of Pixar's Monster's Inc. and was amazed by what is possible to do with a computer in terms of art. Since then I studied computer graphics for fun with the purpose of hopefully working in a film company as an animator. However, when video games were suddenly becoming more popular, my interest has shifted from animation to game graphics. I'm now hoping to find a job in the game industry.



Before entering university, I had two summer jobs as an modeller/animator in a small VFX company in Prague. I worked on props and character animations for iPhone games.

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