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Julika Eisinger

Julika Eisinger

Germany, Cologne | PIXL VISN | media arts academy, Juli 2017
Visual Effects

About Me

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with animated movies, where visions come alive. When I learned about Pixl Visn - a 3D artist school in Cologne, Germany - it was a dream come true as I knew they would be able to teach me to be part of this world. Before Pixl Visn I was never really able to bring my own ideas to live, but now this has changed.

They tought me how to create my visions in a digital environment. Pixl Visn gave me the tools and knowledge to do so. I like what I do and am always open to expand my knowledge and expertise every single day.

The industry offers a wide variety and lots of opportunities. To see the excitement, the happiness and the emotions of people motivate me to continue on my journey. Seeing a child’s eye glow is something very special. It is like creating a little bit of magic.

About a year ago I started my education as a 3D Artist at Pixl Visn. This fall I am going to graduate. I am exited about what the future holds for me.


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