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Juke Jose

Juke Jose

United States, San Francisco | Academy of Art University, Bachelor of Architecture
Architectural Visualisation

About Me

I was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to San Francisco, CA in 2013. I've studied architecture in the Philippines for 3 and a half years and after moving to the US. I've stopped university until I felt ready. Growing up, I've been interested in houses. As a typical kid, I wanted a better house for my family and promised myself to become successful. Since then, I've told everyone and myself that I wanted to make houses and buildings even without knowing which exact path I should go as I didn't have any people in my life working in the field. As I've encountered and learned more about architecture, I became interested in how each part of our built environment was designed by people for people and today, I've made commitment to design architecture with incredible care of how people move in space.


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