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Jacquelyn Pierson

Jacquelyn Paige Pierson

United States, Boston | Pratt Institute, Communication Design, Illustration
Digital Illustration

About Me

I didn't realize concept art and creative visualization would be a career I would want to pursue until my senior year of high school, when I was on stage, dressed as a toucan sports announcer. I was part of a creative problem solving team in the program Destination Imagination, my senior year, and my team made it all the way to the Global Finals. That year, my teammates and I created a skit and props (including an eight foot tall genie puppet) conveying a story of an animal kingdom tug-of-war tournament that goes horribly wrong. Working with my teammates, ideating, creating, and learning together made me realize that I wanted to be on a creative team. I wanted to struggle to solve problems, I wanted to come up with out of the box stories, I wanted to create something captivating. So, I pursued this dream and went to school to hone my talents, along the way I realized that traditional pencil-on-paper illustration wasn't the only thing I was interested in. I found that I was much more drawn to 3D creations. I finished my degree in illustration and sharpened my design skills, now, I am looking to expand my knowledge base even more and delve into concept art, sculpting, visual effects, stop-motion animation, and wherever else these interests lead me. 



Below is a section from my resume that highlights experience I have had in the creative field:

New Hampshire Incredible Creative Collective • Coach/Counselor Non-profit educational organization
Designed annual camp t-shirt using multimedia and digital technology // Responsible for creating design options for future logos // Created promotional material // Developed social media images for website and workshops

Keller Williams Realty • Marketing and Graphic Design Intern • Private/commercial real estate company
Developed marketing material for the sales of homes in Southern New Hampshire which included; Layouts for home owners’ remembrance books & Client gifts // Designed prelisting packages for agents // Developed multiple alternative company logos // Created promotional material for trade shows

I have also completed several freelance design jobs for different clients such as MIT, Columbia University, and NHICC. 
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