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Daniel Schwarz

Daniel Schwarz

Germany, Moers | PIXL VISN | media arts academy, October 2016
Visual Effects

About Me

Being an artist and making my hobby later to a job was always something I had in mind. The exact moment that I realized I wanted to b a 3D Artist was probably at the same time I discovered my interest in building worlds, creating their characters and also exploring their stories in games, books, and films other people created. Being a part of those teams that created everything visual around it, the stories that I (probably) spent too much time discovering and of course the films and games where I met so many people that share the same interests with me is something I am truly looking forward to. 3D modeling and texturing, especially for characters was and is for me the most exciting and motivating area in all of that.
If you want to read more about me, I actually wrote a ton of text on this page: where I deeply dive into everything else that fascinates me about this passion and my other hobbies. 



+Intern at Ingenieur- und Planungsbüro LANGE GbR
Moers, Germany
Landscape architecture

-Worked with Autodesk AutoCAD 
 -Valuable insight in architectural 3D design and a professional pipeline
 +Advanced classes in modeling with James Schauf and in Animation with Jonathan Symmonds

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