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Charlie Pennington

Charlie Pennington

United States, Tampa | Tufts University, Game Design
Game Development

About Me

Hello! I'm a rising Senior at Tufts University outside Boston. When people there ask me what I'm studying, I tell them "History and Computer Science". The truth is, while I am passionate about History, its not so I can become a lawyer or teacher. For me, History is the highest form of storytelling- and that's what I'm passionate about. More specifically, I want to enter the game industry specializing in Real-time Cinematics. Not pre-rendered films, but actual game engine events that drive the story and utilize its significance to give weight or 'flavor' to a Game's mechanics, long after they've already been mastered by the player.  I was inspired to follow this path after seeing the plethora of superb real-time cinematics that have been released to showcase new features in both Unity and Unreal engine (I highly recommend the ADAM series by OATS studios). I believe this is a burgeoning form of art and I want to be at the forefront of it!



Paid teaching assistant for first Game Design course at Tufts University Computer Science Department
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