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Brian Gadberry

Brian Gadberry

United States, Vail | Vancouver Film School, Classical Animation
Feature Animation

About Me

I'm Brian Gadberry, a 2D animator and illustrator from Maine. I began animating at a young age, using Lego figures to create stop motion animations. I've always loved to create stories and design the characters that inhabit them. When attending college I rediscovered this love of storytelling when I took what would become a handful of elective screenwriting classes. It was then that I knew for sure that I needed to enter the field of animation. I love to look for the magical in the mundane; the powerful emotions found in discovering or rediscovering the unexpected in the norm.



The Classical Animation course at VFS has helped to hone the skills in animation that I have been practicing since childhood. Beginning work with paper and pencil engrained in me the fundamentals of animation. From there I was trained to composite using Toon Boom Harmony, working with others to complete the final edit. Finally, I was able to bring all the skills I learned into cut-out animation in Flash, taking control of the entire project from storyboard to final cut. My experiences at VFS have helped me to get a better understanding of the animation pipeline.
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