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Beatrice Gröger

Beatrice Groeger

Germany, Frankfurt am Main | Hochschule Mittweida, Mediainformatics and interactive Entertainment
Game Development

About Me

I've always been interested in observing creatures and been fascinated with anatomy in general so naturally I decided 
The medical field it is. Mom will be SO proud!
When my grades stated harshly gently "not gonna happen", my sad self drowned in animated movies. 
Upon actually reading the credits of such a movie for the first time, interesting job descriptions popped up. Turning to my old friend google I've researched what it is, the 3D world could offer me. Now that I found a way to combine my love for studying creatures and creating art the world could see (or experience, if it's a game/simulation) I have finally found my place - blessed be movie credits!



Before completely diving into the 3D business I've decided to try an internship before actually applying for a university.
metricminds in Frankfurt am Main have taught me about the production pipeline of game development, cutscenes and how motion capture is used for games, movies, commercials etc. As their motion capture intern I worked as a set assistant for the initial motion capture shoots as well as the data cleanup and motion editing.

Since I was curious but not yet accepted into a university I've started to teach myself the basics of modeling, sculpting and rigging in my free time. Combined with my knowledge about motion capture and animation from my internship I was able to start university with a good foundation and since then have worked hard to develop my skills.
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