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Anneka Cady

Anneka Marie Cady

United States, Chicago | Savannah College of Art and Design, Senior Studio 2
Visual Effects

About Me

The moment that I realized that I wanted to work in the visual effects industry was in high school. My days were focused around digital painting, bringing stories and places that were daydreamed into color forms. After seeing the movie Tangled, I realized there was a whole other side of digital art that I want to explore, 3D. Growing up, I studied pre-professional classical ballet which grew my appreciation for 3-Dimensional arts and human form. I thought how amazing it would be to combine both my understanding of motion and creating pretty pictures. It stuck with me from there on that I could created something that people could remember and cherish throughout a lifetime, thus I knew my path in life was to pursue developing stories and sets for film or gaming.



During my SCAD career, I had the honor to be selected for two collaborative courses; one with the Mill, New York, and the other with Hasbro Inc. During the Mill mentorship, our focus was to develop and understand the workflow of compositing for photo real renders. The third and final project that was produced for the course can be seen on my demo reel at the very end; a bug and a bug traveling together down a dirt road. Unfortunately, I cannot talk about the Hasbro collaboration except for this given statement. "SCAD is collaborating with Hasbro to research and develop concepts for a series of interior and exterior digital environments to be utilized as locations and backgrounds for future marketing content.".
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