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Aleksandra Jankowska

Aleksandra Jankowska Featured

United Kingdom, Hatfield | University of Hertfordshire, 3D Games Art & Design
Game Development

About Me

I remember watching my 8 years older sister playing 'The Longest Journey'. There's this one particular scene where the main character enters a portal to another world, screen fills with light and colours - I remember thinking it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and that was the exact moment when I decided I wanted to make games. I was 6 and I had no idea what actually goes into making games, but I was one stubborn child and pursued that dream of mine ever since. It's a horribly cheesy story but unfortunately it's true.
I'm still exploring 3D world as I only have 3 years of experience, but I think it's safe to say I identify as a prop/environment artist. I am not locking myself away in that box though, I am always keen on exploring new techniques and methods!
I hope you'll enjoy my portfolio! :)



Summer internship as a lighting/environment artist at CI Games

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