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Animation Challenge - Crazy in Quarantine Rules

Important Dates

  • Open for submission 28th September 2020.
  • Entries close 28th October 2020.
  • Winners announced 5th November 2020.
  • Dates mentioned are at 11:59 pm on the date in question.
  • All dates are based on GMT.

How to Enter

A few simple steps:

  • Find a character rig to use (this challenge is not software specific so you can use any rigged asset). Check out this page for some free rigs
  • Create an animation between 3 seconds and 10 seconds.
  • Share your progress and update entry multiple times.
  • Create a Rookies account to enter the contest (if you don’t already have one).
  • Embed your final video.
  • Include the hashtag #CrazyInQuarantine if you share on your social media so we can reshare.

The Artist must submit an entry directly to our contest. Only entries that are submitted here will be reviewed by our judging panel and considered an official entry.


Please note: Projects submitted to The Artists portfolio will not considered as an official entry. You need to submit a separate entry for the challenge


To successfully enter this contest and be eligible for prizes, the entrant must:

  • Only submit 1 entry
  • Video submissions entries need to be uploaded onto YouTube or Vimeo, then linked and embedded to participate in the contest.
  • Relate to the contest theme.
  • Refer to contest briefs for detailed deliverables
  • Not use registered trademarks eg: company names and logos.
  • You must share your progress. This is a Play-by-Play contest that requires you to add multiple updates to your entry page, similar to how a forum discussion works. Learn more about Play-by-Play contests in our Helpdesk.. Entries that only upload a single update will not be considered.

Guarantee of the Artist

The Artist guarantees to The Organiser that:

  • The submitted media (images, videos, 3D models, code) were made by the Artist.
  • All work is original and that you have the right or authority to enter and publish. The Artist must clearly state if they have included third party images, media or reference as part of their entry. This content is allowed and will be reviewed accordingly.
  • All details submitted by the Artist are true and correct, and the Artist indemnifies from and against any and all claims and demands made against The Organiser, its assignees or licensees, in relation to the guarantees provided by the Artist in these rules.


  • You are free to use any rig you like as long as you have permission, or are free to download and use. Check this page for some free rigs

  • Audio is allowed in your entry as long as it’s serving your animation - for example using dialogue audio to work your lip sync skills or sound effects to enhance action. This is not compulsory and will not influence the judging given the focus is your animation!

  • Video submissions entries need to be uploaded onto Youtube or Vimeo, then linked and embedded to participate in the contest.

  • The time limits will be 3 seconds minimum - 10 seconds maximum. All entries need to be in a standard 24fps or 30fps format.

  • All types of rigs, animation styles and mediums are allowed to participate (2D, 3D, stop motion and more)

  • You are limited to 1 submission per artist.

Judging Criteria

  • The Process - we want to see your process from start to finish. This contest uses the Play by Play project builder which means you can share every little update similar to a forum.

  • Animation entries will be judged on three main criteria - execution, creativity and presentation.

  • We are looking for clear and dynamic posing, a good sense of timing, characters that have weight and feel realistic to their world. The fundamental principles of animation are well showcased throughout the clip regardless of the animation style.

  • Show an interesting interpretation of the monthly theme. We want to see the animator having fun and enjoying the opportunity to showcase their unique ideas when bringing characters to life.

  • We’re looking for visual clarity in the final animation. Focused staging and good selection of camera angle to display the animation clearly. We’re not concerned with how well it’s rendered but how well it’s presented for the audience.

Sponsor Prizes

Prizes are non-transferable and must be accepted as awarded. No cash or other substitution may be made.

The Contest Sponsors will send prizes directly to winners in a timely manner at the completion of the Contest.


Any content submitted by teams, third-party vendors, educational facilities, studios or non-amateur artist’s will be immediately removed from the Contest. The Organiser reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend any related content on the site.

The Organiser reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend an Artist if they believe they have too much professional experience in any field that puts them at an unfair advantage to other Artists.

The Organiser reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend the Contest should virus, bugs, unauthorised human intervention, technical failures or any other factor beyond or

The Organiser’ reasonable control corrupt the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper operation of the awards.

Any media content deemed to contain content that depicts explicit acts that are overtly violent, sexual, cruel or brutal will be disqualified. Such entries may, at The Organiser’ sole discretion, be closed at any time during the event.

Employees of Contest Sponsors and The Organiser are not eligible to enter this event.

Winner Notification

Each Winner will be notified by email at the completion of the Contest.

The entrant is responsible for entering their correct email address at the time of submission and prizes may be forfeited if the entrant cannot be contacted or their identity cannot be verified.

Once notified of winning, the Winner will have three weeks in which to claim your prize. Failure to respond within this time period will result in forfeiture of the prize although The Organiser will make reasonable efforts to contact the winner to ensure this does not happen.

The Organiser reserves the right to forfeit a prize if not claimed.


Participation constitutes the Entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules and our Terms & Conditions. By participating in the Contest, The Artist is representing and warranting that he/she has read and understood, and agrees to be bound by, these rules. Including the guides and rules referred to herein, these Official Rules constitute the entire agreement between the The Artist and The Organiser in relation to the Contest. They govern the Entrant’s participation and supersede any prior or other agreements between The Artist and The Organiser and relating to the Contest.

In no event will The Organiser, and or their parents, affiliates, subsidiaries and related companies, their advertising or promotion agencies or their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents, be responsible or liable for any damages or losses of any kind, including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising from access to, or use of, this web site, electronic or computer malfunctions, or entrant participation in this contest, even if The Organiser has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

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