Rookie Awards 2019 | Film of the Year

2D Animation

Looking for the very best in 2D animated short films. The films can be created by both teams and individuals. Trailers and unfinished projects allowed.

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On behalf of the sponsors and judges, The Rookies would like to congratulate the following category winners.


Basil Malek - The Tree

The Tree

In a land of drought, an old man spends his days collecting water to quench the thirst of a dead tree.

Runner Up

Myra Hild - Ur Aska

Ur Aska

Ur Aska is a Bachelor film made by a team of ten 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College in Viborg, Denmark.

"Two women live happily together, one starts to transform, disturbing their usual dynamic. The one left unchanged has to decide how far their love goes."

Highly Commended

Yen-Chen LIU - A Gong

A Gong

A journey of a 7 year-old boy's acceptance of his grandpa's death in a traditional Taiwanese funeral.

Highly Commended

August "Poul" Niclasen - Deepness of the Fry

Deepness of the Fry

DEEPNESS OF THE FRY is an absurd existential crisis disguised as a collage film. Living in a world where everything’s already been said, felt, and done before, can anyone truly be unique?
And is thinking about this too much really a good idea?

People's Choice

Vanessa Ng - Playing Cards

Playing Cards

'Playing Cards' is about an outraged detective partners up with her criminal arch-nemesis in an attempt to get back at the town who condemned her.

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sought after badges.

yannpado (Excellence Award, Rookie Awards - Finalist, and Draft Selection) View Entry
sakshijain (Excellence Award and Draft Selection) View Entry
monochromer (Excellence Award) View Entry
hwewkw (Draft Selection) View Entry
cierraramsey (Excellence Award) View Entry
skiptutorial (Draft Selection and Rookie Awards - Finalist) View Entry
haleyhustus (Excellence Award) View Entry
doudouliu (Excellence Award) View Entry
yuyingherr (Rookie Awards - Finalist, Excellence Award, and Rookie Awards - Finalist) View Entry
hryoo (Excellence Award) View Entry
jreidyart (Excellence Award and Rookie Awards - Finalist) View Entry
jguan (Excellence Award) View Entry
ffirman97 (Excellence Award) View Entry
redser9 (Excellence Award) View Entry
hebardsen (Excellence Award) View Entry
ashleypadilla (Excellence Award and Draft Selection) View Entry
jguan (Excellence Award and Draft Selection) View Entry
hpandhe (Excellence Award) View Entry
tommysilky (Draft Selection) View Entry
mathieugariepy (Excellence Award) View Entry
ninofie (Draft Selection, Excellence Award, and Rookie Awards - Finalist) View Entry
seesawpig (Draft Selection and Excellence Award) View Entry
ellie (Excellence Award) View Entry
radkins (Excellence Award and Draft Selection) View Entry

Category Brief

The focus for this category is 2D animated short films. The judges are looking for the best films that showcase amazing 2D animation skills combined with story telling. There is no brief or limitations on the type of film you can submit. Get creative and share your best 2D short film.

Important notes:

  • The judges are looking for completed projects here.
  • If your entry is on the Film Festival Circuit, please make sure to include a password for the judges to use in private.
  • Do not submit assets or single clips here are completed entries. These will be removed as they are not considered a film.
  • Entries can include 3D elements to help tell the story or enhance the visuals. However, these should not be the overall focus.
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2D Animation
2D Animation
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