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Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory is looking for an Intern to join their team and experience what it's like to be part of this world-renowned studio. Apply for this opportunity to launch your career instantly.

Submissions closed on 1 Jun 2020
Ninja Theory
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On behalf of the sponsors and judges, The Rookies would like to congratulate the following caetgory winners.


Bats Bronsveld


Netherlands | Netherlands Film Academy

Growing up I spent a lot of time with games/films. Couldn't decide between the two so I started creating stuff for both, which got me enrolled at my previous bachelor Audiovisual Design/Animation. After finishing I started working in the post-production industry as a digital compositor. It felt like I couldn't explore/experiment other capabilities within my job which got me applying at the Netherlands Film Academy. I re-discovered the industry in here, and felt like I was in the right path.

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sort after Excellence Awards and Draft Selection badges.

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danielcabello (Draft Selection) View Entry
julesdarriulat (Draft Selection) View Entry
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musa (Draft Selection) View Entry
xaviminguell (Excellence Award) View Entry
giahanlam (Draft Selection) View Entry
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tomturner (Excellence Award) View Entry
danielwild (Excellence Award) View Entry
tylerklimekartist (Draft Selection) View Entry
chani (Excellence Award) View Entry
stevenzyz (Excellence Award) View Entry
justuss (Excellence Award) View Entry
blazs91 (Rookie of the Year - Runner Up) View Entry
nikdemidko (Draft Selection) View Entry
ixgamestudio (Game of the Year - People's Choice) View Entry
saikoken (Excellence Award) View Entry
jamiejanas (Draft Selection) View Entry
merlinperry (Excellence Award) View Entry
justuss (Draft Selection) View Entry
kbuck3d (Excellence Award) View Entry
samuelbesseau (Excellence Award) View Entry
mammmagina (Excellence Award) View Entry
salvatorreyazzie (Excellence Award) View Entry
blazs91 (Excellence Award) View Entry
antonioserrano (Excellence Award) View Entry
sketchbash (Excellence Award) View Entry
reality3 (Excellence Award) View Entry
foga (Excellence Award) View Entry
danielwild (Draft Selection) View Entry
paupujadas (Draft Selection) View Entry
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ruoyuart (Draft Selection) View Entry
aaugustuz (Excellence Award) View Entry
josegarcia (Excellence Award) View Entry
davidegordon (Draft Selection) View Entry
gmsphoto96 (Excellence Award) View Entry
sirkats (Draft Selection) View Entry
foga (Draft Selection) View Entry
tenzaart (Excellence Award) View Entry
svar (Draft Selection) View Entry
brandondownes (Excellence Award) View Entry
charlotteeisfeld (Excellence Award) View Entry
kar241 (Excellence Award) View Entry
ruoyuart (Excellence Award) View Entry
robertoribeiro22 (Excellence Award) View Entry
pablogsz (Excellence Award) View Entry
joshuachanarts (Draft Selection) View Entry
peterkostov (Excellence Award) View Entry
merlinperry (Draft Selection) View Entry
louisjsullivan (Draft Selection) View Entry
stratisconceptart (Draft Selection) View Entry
franvergara (Excellence Award) View Entry
ziwuxin (Draft Selection) View Entry
owainb (Draft Selection) View Entry
joshuachanarts (Excellence Award) View Entry
robertoribeiro22 (Draft Selection) View Entry
giahanlam (Excellence Award) View Entry
marcfuster (Excellence Award) View Entry
ryanthomasonjones (Draft Selection) View Entry
kampat (Draft Selection) View Entry

Category Brief

Ninja Theory was formed in 2004 by four partners, including current Directors Nina Kristensen (Chief Development Director), Tameem Antoniades (Chief Creative Director) and Jez San OBE (Non-Executive Director). The studio pride themselves on striving for the highest production values and continually pushing the boundaries of technology, art and design to create evermore exciting video game experiences.

These 2 x internships are open to aspiring Game Design & Development artists wanting to work on AAA level games. The aim is to help an artist kick start their career, working amongst renowned artists and gaining valuable insight into the working life inside this studio.

Each winner will receive feedback from experienced artists on their work, developing their knowledge of the game development pipeline and will be evolving their skill set on some of the most exciting AAA level games in production.


  • Must be motivated to work on AAA games.
  • Must be able to complete the internship during the second half of 2020.
  • Must legally be allowed to work in United Kingdom. (Working visa not provided).

Requirements & Deliveries

  • You must create a single entry page that includes all your best work. Do not create multiple entries with single projects as you will be disqualified.
  • Include strong examples of game design and development work in their entry.

Judging Criteria

The judges are looking for artists that are ready for the challenges of production. The judges will be considering your overall presentation, technical skills, creative skills, variety of content, and employment potential. Treat your entry like a job interview. You have one page to show how amazing your skills are.

Prize Details

  • Studio Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • 12-week duration.
  • No accommodation provided.
  • Fully paid position.

How to enter

  1. Read the Rules. Don’t worry, there isn’t too much lawyer talk in there. Quick Link.
  2. Create an Entry using the button below.
  3. Select Ninja Theory during application process.

Need some help? Watch this video demonstration to help make sure you create the best entry possible.

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