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Rookie Awards 2020 | Rookie of the Year

Concept Art Finalists

Concept Art is created for feature film, computer games, story narrative, theme parks, advertising and fan-art purposes.

Vladimir Mokry


Canada | Syn Studio

I always loved making games. When I was a kid I made paper games for my brother, during high school drew maps and illustrations for DnD sessions, and later at university, I created the educational mobile game as my master thesis. Sci-fi and fantasy genre drives my curiosity.

Jenny Wang


Canada | Syn Studio

Jay Blencowe


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

I studied architecture for a while but eventually left and found out about concept art in learning to draw as a hobby. I just started getting more involved, and eventually I decided to go all in. Now it's my life.

Calista Loh


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

I first wanted to work in the entertainment industry when I found out it was an option! I learned really early in high school that concept art was a 'thing' and I've been pursuing it ever since.


United States | Academy of Art University

I kept drawing stick figure men since I was kids. My good mother told me to study, but I wouldn't stop. When my dear Korean parents started gaming lounge business in Korea, I started seeing Blizzard games, starcraft and diablo. I loved those two, and started drawing things from these games. As I grew older, I learnt that there is actually a place i could make a living doing two things I love combined. So, Here I am.

Stevie Choo


Malaysia | The One Academy of Communication Design

As a kid, I was constantly creating and finding multiple ways to make my creativity come to life. After I finished high school and joined college, I realized my huge passion for arts. I am constantly eager to improve and to learn more so I can portray my creativity on to the canvas better. When I started studying arts, I realized that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Lucas Soo


Malaysia | The One Academy of Communication Design

If the Dream is another world, then the text is only the frame, but the shape and the qualities need to be presented with drawings. If there are no drawing by the artist, only plain text, it would be impossible for the characters to come alive from the Dream. That's a special world that in my Dream for so many years, and day by day I discover more and more amazing concept that in my Dream. I wish to explain it but its hard, so I draw them out, bring them alive.

Juanita Wijaya


Indonesia | The One Academy of Communication Design

In the beginning, I had lost and still searching for my passion. Until I try to enter art college, I slowly fall in love with art and it inspired my interests in the art industry. But I realized, my knowledge is not only limited to what I have learnt in college, but my thirst for experience and growth also makes me push myself to continue and develop in my art skills to the furthest extent. Especially when I finally feel the enjoyment of doing what I love, that is more than enough.

Thibaud Delaperche


France | Institut Artline

Ben S Meng


United States | Academy of Art University

Ever since I was a kid, I immersed myself in the fun of playing video games with my NES, scribbling comics, and making up stories of my toys.

Quentin Marsollier


France | Brassart

I realized that I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry especially in concept art since I begin to draw in the goal to create something new. I love telling stories through my illustrations.

Xavier Minguell Solanes


Spain | JOSO

I first knew about the entertainment industry when I started googling about films and games that fascinated me when I was young and the I started to stumble upon concept art images and brilliant illustrations. From there I started watching "making of" to really see how, those movies and games that kept me waching the screen for hours and hours, where made.

Khadijah Khatib


Malaysia | The One Academy of Communication Design

I've always been entranced by the creative work that goes into producing films and video games. I didn't think I'd get into the entertainment industry until I realised that I couldn't keep my attention on anything but art and design.

Emily Ooi Ai-Chin


Malaysia | The One Academy of Communication Design

i am a film enthusiast and i watch a lot of films and admire the art and process of making one. The making of Lord of the Rings, Rise of the guardians and How to train your dragon certainly had a huge impact on me and since then i know i really want to work in the entertainment industry.

Jordan Soar


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

I have always had a deep love for the entertainment industry, primarily in film and video games. From a very young age, it has been a dream of mine to work in said industry, and this goal is currently at the forefront of my life.

Jonathan Wenberg


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

I grew up on Sci-fi and Fantasy Games, Cinema, and literature , it's a magical way to entertain, learn, and inspire. Since the moment I realized you can do this as a job all I have wanted to do was make that my reality and be a part of creating the stuff I love.

Bastien Schmit


France | Bellecour Ecole

I thought I was going to science in high school but I quickly gave up when I discovered all these schools around media like video games, cartoon and cinema and thought back to when I was younger when my father showed me the sculpture, the Warhammer, video games, drawing and I loved it

Salvatorre Zee Yazzie


United States | DigiPen Institute of Technology

Always! I thought I was going to work in comics when I was a kid, and only in the last few years did I realize the video game industry and concept art existed.

Lola Yiting Zhang


United States | Art Center College of Design



Malaysia | The One Academy of Communication Design

When I start learning art .

Moxuan Zhang


United States | Academy of Art University

Jeanne Plounevez


France | ISART Digital

I've been drawing since I was a child. While watching animated movies and playing games, I realized it would be my dream job to create some characters, environments, universe... So here I am, trying to find my place in the industry!

FĂ©lix Donadio


France | ISART Digital

It's been a while since I want to draw as a living. Growing up, I really started to have an interest in digital art and 3D.

Kelvin Yang Kiat Tan


United States | Otis College of Art and Design

It all started when the original Lord of The Rings trilogy films captivated me and blew my mind when I was a kid. It was then that I realized somebody had to come up with whatever I was seeing on the big screen. I eventually started dabbling in art and design for films and games, growing fonder of the craft with each passing moment.

Rushil Kejriwal



When I was 13 years old, I realized that I can have a career where I can do what I love the most that is creating art and new worlds.

Aymeric Ruiz


Canada | Syn Studio


Inka Schulz


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

During High School, I barely knew what concept art was, but I always reveled in the fantasy and magic of stories such as Spiderwick Chronicles, Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls. When I first got my hands on the Art Of Skyrim book, my eyes went wide with wonder and awe. It was beyond exciting. I thought to myself, "my dream is to do this as a career," but I knew I had a long road ahead. Here I am now, graduated and starting my first job in the Industry working as a concept artist in Games.

Duncan Li


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

After competing my Fine arts degree I met a friend who inspired me to become a concept artist. I then decided that I wanted to bring my understanding of the fundamentals of art into the digital world. Taking my skill set into a digital realm was challenging, however, with hard work and determination I have been successful in creating a process I believe will benefit a production pipeline.


Sweden | Futuregames

Well, I've had the dream since I realised you could work with drawing. But I started to take it seriously a few years back where I started painting and drawing daily. So I am mostly self taught, until I started school as a 2D-student at Future Games in Stockholm.