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3D Rendering

This contest is for all your summer loving Blender artists out there. Share your process and let everyone follow along as you challenge yourself to create a photorealistic summer rendering.

Submissions closed on 4 Nov 2019
3D Rendering
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United Kingdom | Arts University Bournemouth

Animation has always been a great inspiration to me, my earliest attempts being short stop motion films using lego figures captured through a webcam for fun. Having recently specialised in 3D animation at university, working with like minded and creative teams to develop gripping story’s and characters, the prospect of possibly working on animation in the industry excites me.

Alice Biban



I realised I wanted to be a part of this industry the first time I played Super Mario on my Nintendo 64. I wanted to be the one that makes people happy with use of creative media, games or newly built worlds, environments and characters.

Fatima Alkhatib



After graduating I realized that I have many ideas to share to the world but lacking the skills and education to do it, so I started learning tools and taking online courses to help me do so and hopefully land me a job in the industry & eventually make my own projects.

Federico Bonometti



I've always payed much attention to the visual aspects of things. In the moment I had the chance to study great artists I fell in love with art and started playing around with photoshop, illustrator , etcetera. Later I found myself particularly enjoying 3d arts, seeing the possibility to create my own worlds

Sane Park


South Korea

When I draw something, it releases my stress and gives me energy. It helps me to interact with people outside from different countries with different interests. Also met people who appreciate my works! Those things made me want to work in this field!

Damian Haywood



Always been interested in CGI, only recently got into it maybe 5 years ago (on and off)

Mariusz Kaczmarek



I must have been 3 or 4 years old. My mother hung on the wall some of my drawings and told me how proud she is. That was the day I've stepped on the road to design.

Gregory Smith


United Kingdom | Southampton Solent University

Initially my main focus was on oil painting, mostly creating realistic landscapes. During a foundation degree in fine art, I started looking more seriously at CGI. I'm not sure that there was anything in particular that made me want to work in VFX, it was more of a slow process of exploring the tools and seeing the amazing work that people were making with them.

Muhammad Asyraaf Imani bin Salahuddin



I am so fascinated about creating stuff but i don't know what, and finally I discovered Blender and started using it when i was 13 ( and i still am)

Category Brief

Warning - This is a Blender Software Contest Only

Additional software can be used such as Substance and Zbrush, however Blender must be an integral part of your project.

The main goal of this challenge is to improve your Blender skills, have a bit of fun and to create a new project for your portfolio.

The Brief

Everyone loves Summer, and everyone has fond memories of what makes this time of year special to you. We want you to share this with us and create a 3d rendering that best represents this. As the title suggests, Photorealism is going to play a big part in this challenge. Your entry could be an exotic beach location, an animal basking in the summer sun or even a melting ice-cream. The topic is completely up to you!

Requirement and Deliverables

Entrants participating in this contest need to share your process. We don’t want entrants to just upload a finished rendering. We want you to share your process. We want you to start by sharing your idea and adding updates as you go so the community can follow along.

Entrants must submit a Final 3D Rendering of their artwork. This must be 1920 pixels on the longest edge. Any aspect ratio is allowed.

To review all the official rules please visit this page:

Judging Criteria

We have a great list of judges participating in our first Blender contest. They will be asked to review all entries based on the following criteria:

  • Photorealism
  • Visual Appeal
  • Storytelling
  • Technical Skills
3D Rendering
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