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Rookie Awards 2019 | Studio Internships

3D Motion Graphics - United States Finalists

Sarofsky is looking for a junior artist to join their team and experience what it's like to be part of this world-renowned studio. Apply for this opportunity to launch your career instantly.

James Gardner


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

I understood my calling about 10 years ago while working backstage for Opera Houses in Europe. I dived into set design and painting murals. After a few years, I hit a wall with my creativity and realized i needed to go digital to fully visualize my imagination. This is were i discovered motion graphics.

Hans Palacios


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

With a background in architecture and computational design, I have gone beyond to explore all realms of spaces (real, virtual, and everything in between) with an emphasis on procedural modeling and pipeline optimization. I am currently pursuing graduate studies in Interactive Design & Game Development at SCAD. I have learned how to adapt quickly and truly enjoy learning new things in and out of the classroom each and every day.

Daniel Whitaker


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I started my college career studying architecture but felt that something was missing. I would always attend huge electronic music festivals like Ultra, EDC, etc. and gaze up at the screens in awe. Eventually, I put two and two together and decided that I wanted to explore the field of animating and designing for a digital canvas. This moment occurred about two years ago, since then I have been focusing 100% of my time developing my skills and refining my craft.


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

After having been, in graphic design. I wanted things to start moving, so I switched majors to Motion Media Design.

Hunter Scully


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

When I realized that there was a thing between graphic design and animation known as motion graphics... that was something I knew I wanted to do for a living.

Jayson Z Hahn


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I have always been a rather goofy individual, and through this, I believe I developed a passion for exaggeration and telling stories-most of the time in order to get a laugh. I saw the creative media industry as a great way to combine my love for all things design and my natural ability to bs:)

Brendan Wilson


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I've always been interested in cameras, making movies, and working creatively with computers, but I never though it was a career opportunity until I took a design class my first year at university. Since then I've grown to love the creative outlet that motion design gives me and I'm still playing with cameras and computers to make movies!


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

It was in me all along, and there was no need to realize it; I knew it.

Diana Verba


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

I have always been passionate about art. Since my early childhood I have been participating in numerous art exhibitions and contests. However, at University I started to apply my passion in 2D animation and one year ago I opened to myself the universe of 3D motion graphics.

yuying He


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

My major is illustration and motion media design. Received the Bachelor of Fina Art in Beijing Film Academy. Currently studying for a Master of Fine Art in Savannah College of Art and Design.


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I first realized that I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry back in senior year in high school.


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

The moment of I realizing that I wanted to work in the creative media industry is the moment I decided to become a motion artist, especially for designing titles. When I started to create videos, I found that videos can not be fully completed without creating a delicate title. My goal is to help video creators intrigue audiences to focus on the content itself and help audiences to engage with the works easily. That’s why I decided to pursue the journey of becoming a motion artist and designer.

Yifan Sun


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I had a passion for art and drawing since I was born but without my family's support. After working for two years I realized I should not waste of my life doing the things I do not like. So I decided to learn animation from zero and spent half a year to prepare my portfolio for applying to Savannah College of Art and Design. I have been studying at SCAD for two years and through taking classes of animation and motion media design, I realize this is the thing I want to do in the rest of my life.


Singapore | MAGES Institute of Excellence

During my first year in the institute.

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