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Lost Boys | School of VFX

Lost Boys | School of VFX has 20+ years of excellence on offer. They are offering two Scholarships, one for each of their intensive and focused Effects and Compositing Certificate programs at their Montreal location. Apply for this opportunity and Lost Boys will provide the skills that will allow you stand out in a highly competitive Field.

Lost Boys | School of VFX
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René Roy


Canada | NAD, School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design - UQAC

I've been a graphic designer for 20 years, but lately, I was more passionate about photography. As jobs in classic print are declining at a fast rate, I was looking for a way to work in a photography related job and heading up to a promising career. I knew Montreal was a fast growing cinema industry, then I heard about compositing, which is combining some of the graphic design skills I had and a lot of photographic skills. This was the perfect fit for me. So I found my new passion/career!

People's Choice

Simon Van Den Hende


Belgium | Howest University - Digital Arts and Entertainment

I wasn't one, when growing up, watching films thinking that one day, I'm gonne be a film maker. As a kid I was an ardent gamer, getting into clans and whatnot with my friends. I also got into GFX, which was essentially making youtube banners and logos. I didn't even know this was something I wanted to do in the future, but I would literally come home from school, excited to work on some random guy's youtube banner.

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sort after Excellence Awards and Draft Selection badges.

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Category Brief

The Effects (FX) Artist Certificate is an accelerated 5 month program, specialised in the craft of simulated phenomenon and effects for the Film, Animation, and Gaming Industries. It also complements this skill-set by training students in highly advanced Houdini workflows. If you would like your future career to involve digital destruction, creating an environmental phenomenon, particles, pyro and fluid simulation, and/or many creative and bizarre combinations of art and science than this program is your opportunity.

The “Comp Assist” Certificate is an accelerated 4-month program, specialised in the craft of Compositing using the industry standard software, Nuke from The Foundry.
Advanced paint, rotoscoping, keying, and integration techniques will be taught, preparing the students in the trade of an entry level Compositing Artist for careers in the Visual Effects and or Animation Industries.

Two lucky artists will be selected to experience this amazing opportunity and push their skills to the next level at this amazing facility in Canada.


Applicants for this scholarship must include examples of visual effects work in their entry.


  • Scholarship location: Montreal, Canada
  • 1 x Effects Artist (Houdini) Program valued at $5,000
  • 1 x Comp Assist (Nuke) Program valued at $5,000
  • The value is in Canadian Dollars
  • Must be eligible to study in Canada
  • No redeemable cash value
Lost Boys | School of VFX
Lost Boys | School of VFX
Lost Boys | School of VFX
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