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Rookie Awards 2019 | Education Scholarships

Vancouver Film School Finalists

Vancouver Film School are offering a 12 month Scholarship package for their Animation & Visual Effects program. Gain experience with traditional arts, computer animation, and cinematic storytelling skills in a professional, student environment. This truly is an opportunity worth applying for today.

Boditushig Ganbaatar



I am currently majoring Graphic design - 3D animation degree in local university. 2 years ago i have interned in local film, commercial studio called Katalist. i guess that's when i was first introduced to this industry and realize i wanted to work in the CG creative media industry.

Marcel Pou Soler


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

At the end of the bachelor's degree (18) I did a final work that consisted of recreating a very emblematic building of my village in 3D. There I really discovered the world of 3D. The only economically viable school offer with 3D that I found in barcelona was higher studies of video production and multimedia. With these studies I found a job as a video technician, cameraman and video editor. But after more than 3 years i decided to recover what I really liked and enrolled in Animum 3D School's.







Michael Robson



Since I was a kid I had a passion for art, started drawing dinosaurs and characters that I loved when I was playing video games. When I finished high school, I was uncertain about the path that I should follow mainly because I thought it was too hard to get a job in the film industry. So in 2016, I started to see some awesome art in social media, specifically 3d art and I quit from drawing and started making 3d projects on my own.

Davide Sasselli



I've always been a creative person. Since I was a child I just wanted to draw and create. Three years ago, before leaving my old jewellery designer job I had the idea to move in the 3D field, following a CG course at Bigrock School. My passion for the characters drived me to begin my career as 3d student and aspiring 3D Character Artist

Shenna Mae Padayao


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

My heart beats for studying everything and anything I can in this world. From biology, mycology, cultures, arts, technology, initially I pursued the medical industry and even shadowed under 2 doctors to try to sate my curiosity...but realised that Visual effects career can integrate my skills in almost any industry, and study every macro or micro detail of our world in any field of study. I want to bring art, science, and accurate researches of the natural world to make vivid fantasies.



When I was having more fun drawing Dragon Ball Z and illustrations in class rather than dealing with career choices that seem like an absolute drag. When doing a 2d animation during my diploma I was introduced to 3D and Maya and found it to be tonnes of fun and the right choice for me.

Daniel Monzel


United States | Virginia Tech

During freshman year of undergrad (2013) I realized I had a passion for story telling and art. Up until that point, I had been obsessed with video games, 3D animations, and special effects, but I had never put the pieces together that it was something that I wanted to pursue. When I randomly met an art professor one day at a meeting, he opened my eyes to the possibilities and gave me a chance to take his classes. And that began my long journey into the various digital arts

Fermin Tituaña



My passion for creating realistic characters through the computer. following the different processes of the industry

Vivek Anand B


India | Asian institute of design

As a kid, I was always drawn towards video games and films which got me thinking if I could self learn from online resources. And that was the tip-off. I started experimenting and found some very good results . Since then I also started studying film making and my recent Debut short "CHRONO" has won many international awards , yet I'm still on the boat exploring and trying to become a better 3D Artist and Film maker.

Valentin Beaumont


France | Supinfocom Rubika

It's been almost 10 years that i realized i wanted to work in a creative field. When i heard about the CG world, it became obvious!



I'm not sure when it happened but I just realised one day that all I was thinking about was how do I recreate that. I would be talking to my aunt and just be thinking about anatomy, be at a wedding and thinking about the lighting, I think it was when it just became a part of everyday life that I realised I wanted to work in the entertainment industry.

Fernanda Silveira


Brazil | Universidade de Santa Catarina

The first time I went to the movie theater was to watch The Lion King, since that day, a passion for animations has awakened inside me. Over the years, I have been perfecting my art skills with illustration and painting. I have always liked to tell a story inside my works, but it was during my years of College that I discovered my love for creating 3D, and my dream.

Emil Rasmussen


Denmark | 3D College

A friend showed me a render of his room, and i couldn't believe how this stuff was even possible. For me this was completely mindblowing. So i picked up 3ds max and after 3 hours, i closed it down. It was way too confusing for me, and i didn't know where to start. Then after 3 months i saw a commercial for digital tutors, and signed up. I fell in love with 3d instantly. The mix of creative and technical challenges really suits me.

Bertran Telles Evarini



Since my young age, when I was nine years old, my father taught me everything he could about vector art. I asked him to teach me because I wanted to be just like him. I realized that 3D was my ultimate goal at school, with a teacher that made me see that in 3D I could be someone.

Juuso Voutilainen



I started to work on indie films at the age of 15, and couple years after that I got into After Effects. It evolved from there to 3D-modeling, photogrammetry etc and during this time I got the drive.

Christopher Williams


United Kingdom | University of South Wales

I joined USW's Game Art course after loving the idea of combining some of my two favourite hobbies together, drawing and gaming. Through out Year 1 we learnt modelling, colour theory, texturing and a whole bunch of new software etc. Nothing grabbed my attention though, until we had our final module of Year 1: the Primate project. This involved a lot of Zbrush sculpting to reach the final asset, and that process is what sparked my love for Game Art - firing me into the world of Character Art.

Angela Sae-Lam



12-year-old me was obsessed with game cinematics in Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I'd constantly redraw scenes as a personal challenge to be able to 'produce' something of that aesthetic. At the end of high school, I had an idealistic desire to contribute to building the industry that most of the people I knew thought was non-existent. But I went to study Science out of convention, only to return and give in to the nagging curiosity as to how far I could explore 3D and push my love for art.


France | LISAA School of Animation

My interest to work in the media and entertainment industry developed during my first studies in fine art, and after graduation. I tried to build a career in the field of animation but I lacked a lot of skills and the market was very small in my country.

William Jaravaza


Zimbabwe | University of Hertfordshire

Mainly films I grew up watching was the main inspiration but also I think it was something I always had an interest in, the curiosity of breaking things apart figuring out how it all works and piecing them together. I had initially thought this interest was more engineering oriented as was my studies. But fell into Blender then eventually Maya and Zbrush and deeper my exploration went.

Gerard Pasqual Gill


Spain | FX Animation

Well, I started with the world of 3D when I was study a grade of animation 3D, video games and interactive environments at Vic Univeristy [ TEKNÓS ]. When I was finished, I was started studing a Master of special effects and postproduction for cinema in FX Animation for three years. Actually, I'm working of 3D teacher in La Salle Barceloneta and doing interships in El Ranchito as Look Development




I think all started when I was a kid, I have always been involved with art, my mom said that I used to play with clay, puzzles, painting and drawing. But, when I was 9 years old, I used to play video games with my cousin everyday after school. Guitar Hero, Resident evil 4 and God of war, made me feel that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Also all the animated movies of that time, I was a little curious about how they were made.

Everaldo Cavalcante



When I was on college of Graphic Design, on the second term I just realize that I'm not a Graphic Designer. Then I start to find a way to study and get better on my 3D art. It's really difficulty here on Brazil.

James Waterhouse


United Kingdom | University of South Wales

I first realised I wanted to work in the creative media industry when I saw the behind the scenes for the original Lord of The Rings Trilogy and how it was made.


Canada | Seneca College

I grew up on tales of adventure and travels. I'd like to bring those childhood feelings to life with my work.

pedro henrique plácido silva



When I was 11 years old, I see Avatar and Alice in the Wonderland, and I decided to enter in a VFX career. Whith the time, I discover the animation industry and now I work in this area.


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

I remember being quite young when my mom let me rent a DVD to watch - Treasure Planet. I was blown away by the story, the art, the animation and what looked like 3D environments. I always loved drawing, but that film made me realize I wanted to be part of the film industry, so later on I joined University and tried 3D, where I absolutely fell in love with the technology.

saeid rezaee



When I was a child, I got to play the Atari 2600. I found it really wonderful. I profoundly enjoyed computer games up until 1995, when I saw a 3D animated feature film for the first time- Toy Story. My thoughts and dreams took shape with the Toy Story characters. It was an encouraging moment for me; there and then I decided to learn how to create animation, and I chose my future job. this wasn’t just a child’s dream. ,and I'm working 3d freelancer now

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