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Rookie Awards 2019 | Studio Internships

3D Animation - Asia Finalists

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Hatim Toulni


Belgium | Howest University - Digital Arts and Entertainment

I have always been a visual person, after studying architecture I realised that I would love to tell stories visually. Growing up with animations & movies it became clear to me that these are the art forms that I want to follow.

Frans Bellart


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

The first time I started drawing was at age 7-8, my parents got me a Mickey Mouse Projector and I remember spending hours and hours with it, also I played with videogames more than I should. As I grew older, I moved away from this "hobby" and ended up focusing more on health sciences. It was when I entered the degree of Medicine, two year ago , when I realized that what I really wanted was create. Even though that the world of Art is not as stable, I made the decision to be part of the 3d.

Rosel Tan Yi Qian


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

Since I was introduced to games in secondary school, I have been through many different genres of online games/pc games. All of them had fascinated me with their own worlds, story and characters. Promptly after graduating, I decided on full time studying art and modelling for 3D so that I would be able to craft out a world just like those that I have been to. It’s been years since that first step but this resolve is still going strong within me.

May Goh Mei Ting


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

I have always been in love with gaming and drawing since I was young. It was around my O levels that I decided that I wanted to pursue a job doing what I love - which was making art for games. Despite the advice from my teachers a career in art was not realistic, I persevered and enrolled in LASALLE College of the Arts and 3DSense Media School, where my passion as a game artist was strengthened.

Eugene Tan


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

My real desire to enter the industry as a professional came while I was studying at 3DSense Media School. I realised then that this was something I truly enjoyed, thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm of my teachers and classmates.

Teh Yen Tze (Yenny)


Malaysia | 3dsense Media School

I was exposed to video gaming through friends and family since childhood. I have always wondered, what sorcery actually goes on behind the scenes which brings a game to life? As I was browsing through the courses offered by the Polytechnics in Singapore, I came across "Visual Effects". I was excited as this was what I have been searching for! Throughout the course I fell in love with 3D Modelling. Currently honored to work at Bandai Namco Studios Malaysia as a Junior Environment Artist.

Liao Pei Wen


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

While searching for art schools, I had gained more insights and rediscovered art for myself in 3D virtual form. Only then, I realised I have been limiting my passion in 2D space and was stopping myself to improve and advance further. My passion grew stronger over time and I just knew I will never get bored, even if I decide to make it as my profession and career. I am currently working in Bandai Namco Studio, and I have not regretted any of my choices ever since.

Chong Jing Xi


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

When I was a young boy, my father took me to the cinema to watch my first Disney film which was Tarzan at that time. It kind of inspired me to want to be able to join this industry in the future. As I grew up I got exposed to 3D games & films and it made me want to be able to do something like that too.

Kattaka Lertnukkhid


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

After I graduated with a graphic design degree, I stumbled on 3d work. After experiencing what 3D is capable of, I have been awed by all the amazing works and i've wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry ever since. Which led me to enrolled in 3dsense media school in Singapore in order to fulfil my dream of working in the industry.

Lan Van Le


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

I’ve loved the arts ever since I was in high school, because I’ve always been intrigued by the thought of creating something out of nothing. But it wasn't until my exchange year in Melbourne while I was studying Digital Design that I got introduced to 3D arts, specifically Film and Animation. After I graduated, I decided to go to 3dsense Media School to learn more about this industry. It was there that I found my passion for Compositing and I knew then that this was the career for me.

Jesse James Jabines Gozo


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

While studying Computer Science in college, I was exposed to art, media and photography. I was most interested in cinematography and eventually gave up the programming degree in pursuit of film-making and dove into visual effects. I've developed a strong passion for building creative solutions for problems in production and post. At 3dsense, meeting other passionate artists, especially my mentor, Craig Stevenson, helped me grow and learn to dream bigger.

Melanie Chatain


Canada | GOBELINS, l'école de l'image

I was really young. My uncle was passionate about cinema, I bathed in this area since childhood. I drew a lot, I painted, I sculpted, I liked everything about art. I did my studies in art, I took courses in fine arts until I realized that it was cinema my real passion, at the age of 15 years. I then did a school of 3D, I am passionate about animation. I worked for 2 years in video game, at Ubisoft. And now I'm finishing a year of specialization in 3D character animation at Gobelins achool.

Aurelia Ong Wenning


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

I realised that drawing and designing captured much more of my interest compared to the subjects I was studying in junior college. Hence, I entered an animation school without really knowing what to expect and just having the love for art, films and video games. I was learnt a lot about the 3D animation world there and grew to love modelling, thus setting myself on the path to becoming a 3D modeller.

Audrey Tiarma Natalia Bako


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

Ever since I was little I would always watch cartoons or play with my Nintendo DS or PS 2. I never noticed just how much I enjoyed these types of entertainment until I watched Tin Tin Secret of The Unicorn in 2011 and was thinking of joining the industry in the future. However, I doubted the decision of joining and even started questioning my choices after getting accepted in a public university. Eventually, I finally built up the courage to make my own decisions and join the industry!

Paul Ng Kwok Yang


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

I first watched Pixar's Finding Nemo on DVD. The itself movie blew me away with its appealing characters, amazing environments and animation. When I watched the behind-the-scenes special features I was awed by the sheer artistry and work involved in bringing a fictional animated character like Nemo to life. It was my first insight into the creative industry of film and animation, and from then on, I knew I wanted to work in animation.


Malaysia | Dasein Academy of Art

well. It is start from my secondary school. But before this, I quite like to draw, make hand-craft. What makes me really get in to this industry is when I was 13 years old, I watched a feature animated movie, which is "How to Train your Dragon". It was so amazing and I wish to become one of the part of the production team.

omar  Mohamed gamal



I've been always fascinated by graphics and digital arts since I was 16, but I decided to work in the media and concept art when I was in college when I 1st worked on photoshop and bought my first tablet as I was in the biggest engineering school in Cairo university when I decided to shift my career and become a graphic designer 1st and then a concept artist . I'm still struggling but I think that's how it should go.


Singapore | 3dsense Media School


Singapore | 3dsense Media School



I have been in contact with arts since i can remember. Always loved to draw but was until i went to collage that I discovered digital arts and I instantly knew that I wanted to do that! Later discovered Zbrush and digital sculpting and never stopped since then!

Mu Chuan Hung


Canada | vacouver film school

the cinematic movie " the drive" inspire me a lot.

Mirela Sales Salge


New Zealand | Media Design School

When I questioned myself about how did they do that in movies. How did they create 3D? I was around 15 years old, watching random 3D movies at home and just simply fascinated and curious about the process.


Vietnam | Academy of Art University

During my high school year, I really enjoy watching animated movies. When I had a chance to study aboard in the US, Animation is the first field that came across my mind. However, I've been always making the safest choices for my entire life so I wanted to overcome my fear of stepping out of my comfort zone for once. Therefore, I did a lot of research about the industry and with the support of my family, I've decided to follow my passion.


Japan | Think Tank Online

Mehmet Tayfur Türkmenoğlu


Turkey | Yıldız Technical University

I' ve been always drawing ever since I could remember. After attending high school, I noticed that this is my passion and the job that I could make a difference.

Esteban Lenquette


France | Brassart

Since childhood I always been passionate in animation movies, VFX and video games. I started with only drawing (that I still love doing), and from one step to an other, ended up starting to learn CG and digital painting at school 2 years ago. Since my first CG lesson, I knew that I was in the right place, at the beginning of a big journey.

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