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Rookie Awards 2019 | Rookie of the Year

Concept Art & Illustration Finalists

Concept Art & Illustrations are created for feature film, computer games, story narrative, theme parks, advertising and fan-art purposes.



France | New3dge

when I was a kid I used to watch movies for images and creativity, then I tried to reproduce what I saw in my own way, then I discovered later by looking at artbooks that the profession of concept artist existed.

Seow Yong Khin



When I was young, I love Disney movies and it makes me want to be an artist and create characters and illustrations. I wasn't sure what kind of artist I want to be at that age but I know that I wanted to be involved in the art industry. I was drawing non stop ever since. After I graduated from The One Academy College, I had a clearer understanding of the art working industry and I know that I want to be a concept artist and illustrator.

Asim Salman



It started to grow within me when I was just a kid learning new softwares by mingling through different buttons and experimenting with features. I had no internet access back then unfortunately but I had the passion. Fast forward to a decade later, I got into architecture and an entire world opened up for me and I just went crazy then with the infinite possibilities I had to explore. I am in a constant process of learning and finding the infinite new ways to express myself now.

Moxuan Zhang


United States | Academy of Art University

Giuseppe Di Stasio


Canada | Syn Studio

I remember playing Mass Effect and loving it. When I checked out the art book it came with I realized that there's was a whole lot of art going into game development. Back then I had a very vague idea of what concept art was and it would have been years before I found the path that was right for me, but I think that was the first time I started thinking I wanted a career making art for games

Siddhartha Valluri



While I was pursuing Bachelor's in Architecture, about halfway through the course a particular Jury Member failed my "Hospital Design" deeming it too conceptual. It was at that moment I realised that I belonged in an industry that promotes conceptual thinking and allows for the creative freedom to express those ideas. I eventually did finish the course in architecture to earn my Bachelor's Degree, but that moment of failure pushed me to be even bolder with my ideas and designs.

Quentin Marsollier


France | Brassart

I realised that I wanted to work in the industry of the video game and cinema of animation when I discovered Brassart School.

Teodora Petkova


Belgium | Howest University - Digital Arts and Entertainment

I started my artistic journey in high school, where I studied academic art and graphic design. I had always been a huge admirer of the creative process behind films and games. The idea that the concept artist career path could be possible for me was completely unfathomable, until in high school I realized I could utilize my love for art, design, storytelling, films and games and work towards being a concept artist, and in that way, tell the inspiring stories I've always loved through design.

Teng Xie Le (Shane Le)


Malaysia | The One Academy

I'm always pasisonate about creating arts and drawing, the path is clear that i will be taking creativity route. In mid of 2013, I fell in love with a Naughty Dog's video game "The Last of us", I was so amazed by the environment and the storytelling they're able to offer, and luckily I had the chance to see the art book of it, at that point i knew this is something i would love to do in the future, since then developed my love and passion towards conceptual or entertainment arts.

Roanna Peroz


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

Growing up, my art was mainly influenced by anime, cartoons, videogames and comics. Illustration is something I've always enjoyed, and over the years I realised creating content for games, comics or any entertainment related industry is what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. A lot of artists in the industry inspire me as well, and the passion and dedication to their craft is something that keeps motivating me to constantly improve and work towards my goals.

Pierre Lazarevic


France | New3Edge

2 years ago I decided to quit my job to join New3dge school. Right now I'm working on my own to achieve my portfolio to find a job.



Ever since i played my first game, or watched my first epic movie for that matter, i've been intrigued by the process behind them. How these stories, characters, environments and worlds are brought to live, especially looking at it from the very early stages of development, the concepting phase, and how much these stories can have a positive impact on peoples lives as they have had on mine.



France | ECV Bordeaux

It all started like a child dream, like a lot of other young kids...the difference is that I sticked to it

Adam Wong Chee Yuen


Malaysia | The One Academy

During highschool I found out you could make a living through drawing conceptual arts / illustrations, which sparked my interest even more since I was already really into drawing.

Félix Donadio



It's been a while since I want to draw as a living. Growing up, I really started to have an interest in digital art and 3D. I started my journey learning the drawing fundamentals because I thought it was the place where I had the more to learn.

Minnie Zhou


New Zealand | Feng Zhu School of Design (FZD)

I love world-building and storytelling.


Netherlands | Breda University - IGAD - (NHTV)

As a kid I always loved to play video games, watch movies and loved to draw, but I never pursued art seriously until I was 19, because before this time I was not aware that it is actually possible to work on games or films! Once I realized that this is an actual possibility for a career I started to pursue this career with great ambition.

Samantha I Kio Kung



While studying architecture, I developed an interest in animation, game and film concept design. I have a passion for designing environment, character and prop design, currently self-learning and improving my portfolio for the job.

Jasmyne Khor Hong Mui


Malaysia | The One Academy

Ever since I was a little kid, I knew I wanted to be an artist. As i grew up, I came across an Ad about concept art and I thought to myself, wow that's cool. I want to do that. And so, here I am today.

Joshua see


Malaysia | The One Academy

when I realise I like to draw to create something new , because its fun and enjoyable .

Siti Balqis Abdul Rahman


Malaysia | The One Academy of Communication Design

I love to draw creatures since I was a kid. As I grew older, my path had changed to engineering studies, but my love for drawing never dies. At the age of 16, I won an art competition with prize of full scholarship to art college. From there, I realised that I could make a living by drawing things that I passionate the most.

Jangyong Lee


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I realized that I wanted to work in the feature film and media industry when I managed my fashion brand.


Canada | Syn Studio

When I was about 19-18 years old, I realized my notebook had more drawings than notes.

Duncan Li


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

After competing my Fine arts degree I met a friend who inspired me to become a concept artist. I then decided that I wanted to bring my understanding of the fundamentals of art into the digital world. Taking my skill set into a digital realm was challenging, however, with hard work and determination I have been successful in creating a process I believe will benefit a production pipeline.

Hyun Lee


United States | Academy of Art University

Since I was in high school, I was interested in game industry especially, concept art.

Jay Blencowe


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

I studied architecture for a while but eventually left and found out about concept art in learning to draw as a hobby. I just started getting more involved, and eventually I decided to go all in. Now it's my life.


Malaysia | The One Academy

I am like most of the people, love to draw since young. Sooner as I grown, I start to imagining and creating my own world. I started to visualize them out by drawing on a piece of paper, and when someone saw it, they like it and this is what keeps my passion. I always dream to create something big on the screen so I can show the world one day.


Malaysia | The One Academy of Communication Design

Hi I'm Hui Hui, an artist that can see things in many unique and interesting angles. And I love to capture things down in my sketchbook. Here's my portfolio that I've done during my college time.

Philip Sue


New Zealand

Around the age of 19 was when I found out about this industry and knew it was the place I want to be in. Five years have passed since then and I am still constantly learning to up-skill and aiming to land that first role.


Sweden | Futuregames

Well, I've had the dream since I realised you could work with drawing. But I started to take it seriously a few years back where I started painting and drawing daily. So I am mostly self taught, until I started school as a 2D-student at Future Games in Stockholm.

Jose Ochoa


Spain | Voxel School

I first found out about the entertainment industry while watching making-of documentaries on Men in Black, Jurassic Park and Alien, back when I was about 8 years old. I saw these before I'd even watched the movies, so the first time I saw the movies I already knew all the amazing things the vfx crews had done to bring them to life. I knew I had to do the same! As for videogames, I've been playing and admiring them ever since I can remember. Worldbuilding is my passion, in any way shape or form.

Jonathan Wenberg


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

I grew up on Sci-fi and Fantasy Games, Cinema, and literature , it's a magical way to entertain, learn, and inspire. Since the moment I realized you can do this as a job all I have wanted to do was make that my reality and be a part of creating the stuff I love.

Blackmagic Design
Chaos Group
Axis Studios
Epic Games
Weta Digital
Ninja Theory
NetherRealm Studios
Monolith Productions
Polygon Pictures
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Electric Theatre Collective
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