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Rookie Awards 2022 | Career Opportunities

realworld one Finalists

realworld one is looking for 5 artists that they can have a video interview session with an expert from their realworld one Development team to review your entry/ portfolio.

Elmo La Mantia


United Kingdom | Falmouth University

Throughout my life I have only ever been interested in two things: movies and video games (the latter was to my parents dismay), through my life I have learnt that it is far more valuable to do things which you are passionate about, I came to this decision about 5 years ago when I was very ill lying in bed. Video games offer an expressive medium more powerful than any previous, it is to this new, mysterious and exciting field to which I have decided to devote my lives effort.

William de Ornelas Marques


Canada | Durham College

I seriously started to think about working with Games when I was in grade 9. During my whole life I’ve played video games and I would always have ideas for games. Now I realize that working with games was what I always wanted.

Leonardo F. Betancur  Díaz



Since I have memory when I was a child, I wanted to be a part of the videogame industry, but I saw it as a utopian dream, but during the pandemic when I was in my first year of university (studying Mechanical Engineering), I began to believe that it is not impossible.

Kayla Cardona


United States

I began as a jewelry designer and a product photographer, but fell in love with the un-limited creativity behind 3D art. For the last year and half I have educated myself in Blender 3D and Unreal Engine with a focus on designing immersive 3D worlds for film, architectural visualization, and product concept design.

xiaorui zhong


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design


Eléanore CHABOUD


France | ESMA

I have always been interested by art in all its form and knew I wanted to have an artistic job. While growing I discovered the creative media and entertainment industry and I realised that this branch groups all my favorite aspect of art. Moreover this branch is constantly evolving and propose a huge panel of possibilities. This sector is really challenging and it is always stimulating my curiosity.

Kaitlyn Campbell-Kowalchuk


Canada | Vancouver Film School

I have always known I wanted to be in a creative career, as visual arts has been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember! This love later translated into the booming 3D animation and entertainment industry, and not long after graduating high school I knew I just had to be a part of it.

Ainara Molin Olmedo


United Kingdom | University of Worcester

I have always been amazed by animation and live-action films, and I realized I would love to participate in the creation process. Once I started university, I discovered that my real passions were immersive worlds and video games. I followed that path and specialised in 3d environments and lighting.

Minsol Jo


Canada | SF Filmschool

I have always been impressed by movies made with computer graphics since I was young. I just liked movies, but I thought that I wanted to make a movie. As soon as I graduated from high school, I started learning 3D programs. The process of turning my imagination into reality was interesting and I was convinced that I would like to continue doing this in the future.

Konark Sharma


India | Think Tank Training Centre

I first realized it during covid-19 when we're in lockdown and to pass time at home I discovered vfx and game design, then one thing led to another and here I am trying to do my best in the industry.

Jordi Soler


Spain | Voxel School

Since I was little I have always had a passion for video games. But it was when I had to decide my professional studies is when I was curious to know how was the method of realization of these products that I have liked for so long.

Adam Hajdu


United Kingdom | Escape Studios

I first realise I want to work in the creative media and entertainment industry when I first Prince of Persa when I was a 8 years old.


Spain | Voxel School

With some artistic background (painting, photography, sculpture,...) and after studing product design I just realised the part I enjoyed the most was the rendering one, when you put all the textures, linghting and all the little details to make it realistic. Like a photographer, but virtually.


United States | DigiPen Institute of Technology



United States | FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D & Film School

With a baccalaureate degree in Art, I have played video games since I was a child, and both art and video games are my favorite combo. I want to look back on my career and be proud of the work, it's the path I want to follow for my upcoming years as an artist.

Beatriz Benedetti Sandner


Mexico | Centro de Diseño Cine y Televisión

Since I was a 14 I fell in love with creating art and design. Since then its been a journey of self discovery, experimenting with different techniques and styles that hace defined my work.

Aden Manning


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

Ive always had an interest in art, from a young age my grandma would show me pieces of her artwork and would show me famous painters, that was the foundation of where i first started to like art. This grew into a strong fixation with movies and games, where i was blown by away the technology that 3D brought to the table. This grew into a love with technology and striving to create 3D environments that inspired me as a child.

Miriam Benito García


Spain | Voxel School

Before the beginning of the pandemic, I started to experiment with 2D art and it soon became a passion of mine. Having loved video games since I was a kid, at that moment I thought that turning that passion into a career would be an incredible opportunity. That’s why I decided to make that thought a reality this year.

Sara Moreno Periche


Spain | Voxel School

I love the fact that I have the power to create incredible things from scratch and with that I can transmit feelings to someone. Whether for films, advertising or video games, I'm sure that I want to create to move people. Knowing that you have been part of a big project, and people recognize your work, is very comforting as an artist. And I won't stop until it comes true.

Aaron Hawks


United States | Vertex school

Years ago I fell in love with image making. Inspired by older films and photography, I started paying attention to Lighting , props and the environments. It has been my instinct that has lead me to creating in 3D. I have years of experience in Photography , set building and prop making. It felt only natural to bring my skills into the 3D world.

Kateryna Yavorska


United States | Vertex School

I realized I would like to do game art since I played The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind

Michal Patton


United States | Think Tank Training Centre

I'm one of those people who more or less always knew they wanted to work in creative media and entertainment since they could hold a pencil. What kid doesn't want to make their own comic, animation, or game? For better or worse, that kid in me has never changed his mind.

Tarek Abdellatif


Egypt | Think Tank Training Centre

I started to like 3D in my last university year when I was studying Computer Science in 2010, I did a big shift in my career so many times after that, I worked at local studios in Egypt that produce a local TV commercials and learn about 3Dsmax, Maya Photoshop, Painter, and Vray, but I always wanted to work in Game industry and worked for one year at Codemasters in Malaysia, now I'm studying Game Art at Think Tank online from Egypt, currently I'm doing my graduation project for my last term.


United Kingdom | Solent University

I have always been creative and it was as a teenager i discovered my passion for arts. At around 10 I discovered 3ds max through a port called G-max which i used to create levels for games i played. After school i pursued a career in music as an audio engineer. After some time i fell back in love with visual art and decided to make a career change and go back into education, I am currently studying BA (hons) in Computer Generated Imagery at Solent University, graduating 2023.

Jonni Zhang


Germany | Think Tank Training Centre

I think I have had the wish to work in a creative field for as long as I can remember. Although, It was only about a couple years ago since I decided that I wanted to become a 3D character artist and started trying to improve my skills every day.