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Rookie Awards 2022 | Career Opportunities

beloFX Finalists

beloFX are looking for four lucky winner to (virtually) mentor 4 x Winners selected under the Banners of Realtime, FX, Asset Build and Compositing.

Callum Reynolds


Australia | University of South Australia

Through studies with University of South Australia I discovered VFX as a actual possible career and have been persuing it ever since.

Hyebin Park


South Korea | SF Film School

From my childhood, I've always craved to realize my imagination in the real world, but sketchbook was limited to me. However, when I turned 18, I discovered VFX industry through YouTube and MCU movies. At that moment, I found myself VFX is the most approachable way to fulfill my dream with nowadays advanced technology. So I decided to pursue my dream as a VFX artist.

Rishabh Laheja



I always wanted to work in Visual Effects and the pandemic came as a boon in disguise. I first started exploring the realm of Compositing by self learning through online courses. Soon I was fortunate enough to find myself a few mentors through networking on Linkedin. Under their teachings and supervision I familiarized myself with various tricks and techniques to do Compositing, created a few personal projects as well as started to think like a Compositor.

Alessandro Antonio Macambira


Italy | IED Istituto Europeo di Design - Milan

I was already 24 when I realized my interest in this amazing life of the 3D Artist. I wanted to enter this beautiful world, so I started my journey at the age of 24, I graduated at 27 in the university (in Milan) while I was also studying online. I wanted to maximize the time used to learn as much as possible and experience more.

Carlos Jimenez


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

Since I was kid movies with VFX caught my attention. I started studying on my own video editing and digital composition.

Zach Voaden


United Kingdom | Solent University

The pandemic has certainly been an interesting time for all; however one of the positives that have come from it for me was a renewed love for CGI & VFX. During the Pandemic I decide to actively pursue my passion of working in CGI. Recently completing a BA (Hons) CGI/ Film Visual Effects/ Digital Arts Top up at Southampton Solent University.

Dylan Bradford


United Kingdom | Think Tank Training Centre

I was born into a house of product designers and for a long time thought I would pursue the same career. Eventually I connected my love for film with my natural interest in art and design, which led me to concept/illustration art, and later 3D art. I got a copy of Zbrush and from then on I was hooked!

Laura Catherine Whitty


United Kingdom | CG Spectrum

In my early teens is when I knew I wanted to work in the film industry, I wasn't sure in what specific area until I was in my 20's. I was watching Avatar and was astounded by the world building and Visual Effects, I wanted to create that type of thing but never knew how or where to get started, but I knew I'd eventually figure it out.

Peter Raoul Evans


United Kingdom | Think Tank Training Centre

Just before beginning of the virus I had dabbled in some light 3D modelling for fun over the Christmas holidays. Tired of my current profession (Web Design) I decided to make use of the time and taught myself how to create 3D assets during lockdown. Upon reaching a certain level after 8 months or so I wanted to go further and decided to enroll on to Think Tank Online and that is where I am currently studying.

Joel Macnab


United Kingdom | Staffordshire University

The integration of both technical and artistic skills in an industry ever changing with new technological possibly was too much of a opportunity to pass up. With such a large part of my free time spent playing with friends on MMORPG's and other game genres the natural progression was to seek out career choices in a community and industry that I find so interesting.

David Mateo Gonzalez


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

I like so much the visual effects. The first time When I did musical auditions by the end of the course, I combined music with edited videos with special effects so I could develop my artistic part so that the audience could enjoy a unique experience.


France | New3dge

I've always had an interest for visual arts and photography. It came to me very naturally the wish to work for this industry and to give my best to produce the best images i can.

Rocío Meseguer García


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

Desde pequeña he ayudado a mi familia con los videos caseros y con las ediciones de estos. Mientras estudiaba Bellas Artes me di cuenta de que debía seguir experimentando y aprendiendo conocimientos sobre todo lo que el mundo digital podía ofrecer, por lo que me propuse seguir desarrollando estos conocimientos.

Bo-Mi Tak


South Korea | SF Film School

After watching Iron Man in high school, I interested in VFX . It was fascinating for me to believe that cartoon characters exist somewhere in the real world through computer graphics. While learning VFX, when I created what I imagined using a 3D program,I felt proud that I couldn't express in words and this experience gave me confidence in my job as a VFX designer.



I have been intressted in digital art since 2013 and have recently started learning different 3D-Software like blender, maya and houdini. I was first most intressted in modeling but than FX started to intresst me more over time.

Jorge Hernandez Ibañez


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

Since I have known I have loved cinema, and viewing it is one of my favorite hobbies, I have always known that I wanted to dedicate myself to the audiovisual industry, but in particular I discovered VFX when I was studying Engineering, and I knew then that I had the opportunity to learn not only the technical part that I was passionate about, but the artistic part too and introducing myself to this world that I admire so much.

Carlos Blanco


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

I’ve always been impressed by the process of making a film. It was five years ago when at a Festival I discovered the incredible world of Animation and Visual Effects. So I decided to study 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments and specialize as an FX Artist after doing a master´s degree in VFX and Composition with Houdini and Nuke on Animum Creativity Advanced School.

Clement Arlotti



I discovered CG creation on my own with AfterEffect and Motion design, in 2015. Then I added C4d in my creation toolset, making an enter in 3D world. Starting a 2 years Broadcast school makes me go away from CGI. In 2018, I watched some breackdown videos and I discovered SideFX Houdini. I immediately realised that I will like this software ! So I dive into it and now, here I am, learning stuff on vfx every day !


United States | Think Tank Training Centre

At a very young age, I watched and admired the animatronic works that had been done for the characters in the Jurassic Park movies, and the visual effect in The Mummy Returns. They look realistic and fascinating. The movies inspired me to pursue a career in the entertainment industry & creative media.

Bavly Hanna


United States | Gnomon

At a very early age, I admired watching movies and playing video games, and always wondered how they were made. It naturally grabbed my attention since I was a kid to watch the CG and VFX in movies, and always felt like magic.

Anse Vandevelde


Belgium | Howest University of Applied Sciences - Digital Arts and Entertainment

I've always loved watching movies and after a while, I wondered how certain scenes were realized. So I started looking at breakdown videos and behind-the-scenes footage. From then on, I knew I wanted to do something in the movie industry.


United States | Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation

Since a little kid I wanted to work on games, that has since changed to wanted to work in Movies and Animation, but the drive to make something has always been around

Aleix Iglesias


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

It all began with a basic colour grading lesson during my last year on a Media Degree and then I started to ramble around VFX and Color Grading. I was soon fascinated by Digital Compositors labor and enrolled myself in a Master to ensure I gathered enough knowledge to build a solid starting point which would allow me an introducing path to the industry.

Park Ju-young


South Korea | SF Film School

Growing up with Harry Potter, I was surprised to be able to express a virtual world that did not exist to this extent. Since then, I have always dreamed of becoming a 3D artist.


United Kingdom | Staffordshire University

I desire to be part of an industry that could give me the opportunity to express both my technical interests as well as my artistic goals. Luckily for me, I discovered VFX, where I have developed a passion for creating procedural and realistic digital effects throughout my studies.

Carlos Pedrosa


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

The truth is that I have always wanted to do creative work. Since I was little I've always drawn and, since I can remember, I've spent my free time in the movies or watching music videos on TV. The Coen brothers, David Fincher, Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry are some of my references. After some years as an editor and motion designer in the communication sector, the time had come to change and bet on what I really like: film, TV fiction and digital compositing.

Romy Cools


Belgium | Howest – Digital Arts and Entertainment

I finished my studies as a graphic desginer, but I realised that I didn't want to do that in my life. So after a vacation with a lot of thinking what I actually want to do, I came on this industry. I wanted to work less abstract and more visual & this industry is just so intereseting!

Emma Scapolo


Italy | BigRock Institute of Magic Technologies

Growing up in an all-male family, I swayed between my drawings on scattered sheets and video games. Growing up I became more and more passionate about the graphics of what I was playing, I felt I had such an experience that I could notice what was a pleasure to see and what wasn't. Where I live, 3D for the Animation / Gaming / Cinematics Industry is nothing very much felt, but as soon as I became aware of the possibility of being part of it I did not hesitate.

Jonni Zhang


Germany | Think Tank Training Centre

I think I have had the wish to work in a creative field for as long as I can remember. Although, It was only about a couple years ago since I decided that I wanted to become a 3D character artist and started trying to improve my skills every day.