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Rookie Awards 2019 | Studio Internships

Visual Effects - Europe Finalists

Electric Theatre Collective and Axis Animation are looking for 2 x Interns respectfully to join their team and experience what it's like to be part of this world-renowned studio. Apply for this opportunity to launch your career instantly.

Nicolò Granese


Italy | Think Tank Training Centre Online

When I was 14 I started studying Photoshop thanks to an online forum. I fell in love with digital design. Starting with stuff like logos, web designs and tags I learned all the basics, then in 2015 I discovered Cinema 4D and I started learning 3D modeling, since then I've never stopped.

Steffen Hampel


Germany | SAE Institute Hamburg

I realised that I want to work in the creative media and entertainment industry when I watched all those VFX breakdowns on youtube when I was 13. Since then I basicly saw every blockbuster breakdown and behind the scenes clip. Especially the 3D part fascinated me the most: It's just the thing that you can create anything in 3D. Its insane :)

Davide Sasselli



I've always been a creative person. Since I was a child I just wanted to draw and create. Three years ago, before leaving my old jewellery designer job I had the idea to move in the 3D field, following a CG course at Bigrock School. My passion for the characters drived me to begin my career as 3d student and aspiring 3D Character Artist

David Pferrer


Germany | PixlVisn media arts academy

When I first saw forest gump and all the awesome effects in it, I knew this whas the right thing for me. It became even more certain to me with every other movie I saw from then on.

Michael Höft


France | Think Tank Training Centre

I started with Fine Arts like most artists and took notice of the new extraordinary possibilities and styles possible that 3d Softwares could offer. So I decided start my new journey at 'RUBIKA Supinfocom', graduated and decided to take it a step further attending the mentorship program of Think Tank Training Center. With my newly acquired skills I hope I can serve the industry but also find fulfillment by giving life to my ideas and concepts.

Daniela-Florina Moldoveanu


Spain | Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido (CEV)

Well, since I was very little I loved playing videogames and I always admired the people behind it,because I didn't understand how they make such a realistic model or game.Then a few years ago I decided that I wanted to be in that world and after studying and seeing all the process of a videogame I finally decided to make 3D characters and art.


Italy | Think Tank Training Centre

As long as I can remember I was strongly impressed by monsters, dinosaurs, aliens and anything that art masters are able to sculpt or paint on any kind of media. I grew up collecting toys and figures, swords and armours, and joined acting groups and hockey teams; they all gave me inspirations and hints, just like I had by visiting natural parks, archeological sites, all sort of museums and libraries.

Alan William Robinson


United Arab Emirates | CG Spectrum

I think at first it was more of a realisation that I wanted to make these amazing things that I saw on the screen. Movies like Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Toy Story made a strong impression on me when I was young. It was only later in my early twenties when I really knew that this is the kind of work that I wanted to do.

Cédric Moens de Hase


France | ArtFx

I've been drawing since I was a little kid, but I realized I wanted to make visual effects around 16-17 years old. I was super curious about how to make the effects I saw in the movies I wanted to be a part of it !

Teodora Petkova


Belgium | Howest University - Digital Arts and Entertainment

I started my artistic journey in high school, where I studied academic art and graphic design. I had always been a huge admirer of the creative process behind films and games. The idea that the concept artist career path could be possible for me was completely unfathomable, until in high school I realized I could utilize my love for art, design, storytelling, films and games and work towards being a concept artist, and in that way, tell the inspiring stories I've always loved through design.

Lucas Sinewe


Germany | PIXL VISN | media arts academy

Pretty much after my graduation at high school. First I studied Art & Technology in the Netherlands and worked after that 2 years in different film productions. But I realized that I want to work more creative and also in 3D. Now I am almost graduated at PIXL VISN media arts academy. My passion are cars and product advertisement.

Daniel Kupisinski


United Kingdom | Bournemouth University

I realized I want to work in the creative media and entertainment industry when I started watching VFX breakdowns of popular films and also making progress myself which was very motivating too.


France | Ecole de communication visuelle - Bordeaux

3 year ago i decided to invest all my energy into entertainment industry, principaly into character modeling and surfacing/texturing. I moved from advertising course to cgi that year.


Germany | Hochschule Ansbach

Working on creative projects played a major role in my live for as long as I can remember. After I focused in music production for the most of my youth I discovered 3D early in 2016. From there on I knew that this would be my passion.

Shahan Miah


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

While attending college, I was introduced to the VFX industry and decided to do a Animation degree at University of Hertfordshire.


Germany | PixlVisn media arts academy

I was interested in making movies since I was a child. Further on, I started experimenting with Cinema 4d and Autodesk Maya at the age of 13, which fascinated me that much, that I have decided to join a professional education for 3D Animation in Germany. 

Christopher Williams


United Kingdom | University of South Wales

I joined USW's Game Art course after loving the idea of combining some of my two favourite hobbies together, drawing and gaming. Through out Year 1 we learnt modelling, colour theory, texturing and a whole bunch of new software etc. Nothing grabbed my attention though, until we had our final module of Year 1: the Primate project. This involved a lot of Zbrush sculpting to reach the final asset, and that process is what sparked my love for Game Art - firing me into the world of Character Art.

Mirela Sales Salge


New Zealand | Media Design School

When I questioned myself about how did they do that in movies. How did they create 3D? I was around 15 years old, watching random 3D movies at home and just simply fascinated and curious about the process.

James Robinson


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

I grew up watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons and wanting to work in games, inspired to create life through character design, after a year into my degree I realized that animation was my true passion and for the last 2 years I've been focusing on animation in pursuit of that breakthrough job into the industry.

Nicolò Granese


Italy | Think Tank Training Centre Online

When I was 14 I started studying Photoshop thanks to an online forum. I fell in love with digital design. Starting with stuff like logos, web designs and tags I learned all the basics, then in 2015 I discovered Cinema 4D and I started learning 3D modeling, since then I've never stopped.

Timothée Maron


France | ESMA

Currently a 4th year student (final year) of a Master's Degree in CG animation and VFX at ESMA Montpellier, I specialize myself into Texturing/LookDev. I am a selfmotivated worker, friendly person and an enthusiastic learner and I have a very big passion for Visual Effects and Feature animation. If you have a spare moment, please take a look at my portfolio and feel free to drop me a message.

Stephane Goujon


United Kingdom | University of Greenwich

I have been drawing and taking photos for as far as I can remember, filling up boxes and boxes of art. There is really nothing else I can see myself doing. I discovered 3D less than 4 years ago and developped a passion for it: I've been expressing myself through modeling and sculpting ever since.

Carl Krause


Germany | Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

At the age of 12 I got in contact with 3DsMax and started to play around with it on my own. I was fascinated by the idea that I could build anything I wanted in the computer. Back then I thought I was goingt to be an architect. But with the time I was more and more fascinated with Animation, storytelling and computergenerated images. After college I started to study information technology but quickly switched to study Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Aletta Goedman


Netherlands | Howest University of Applied Sciences - Digital Arts and Entertainment

I realized that I wanted to work in this industry around the time that I watched the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies for the first time. I was so impressed by the 3D and visual effects created for these movies that I was dreaming to do it all myself one day.

Maria Tsianti


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

I was 12-13 years old when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the animation/VFX industry. I have been very imvolved with the arts ever since I was very young.

Mateo Andrijanic



I believe, it occured sometimes in 2016, just graduated my highschool as electro-mechanic.. Shortly after I realised is not right thing for me - following my childish intuition, I knew that I have no other choice than to do art.

Kashif Ahmed


United Kingdom | Manchester Metropolitan University

I had always had such a strong interest in both Physics and Art during my education. I always thought going forward in my career it would be one or the other. That was until I found out about the Visual Effects industry.

Gerard Pasqual Gill


Spain | FX Animation

Well, I started with the world of 3D when I was study a grade of animation 3D, video games and interactive environments at Vic Univeristy [ TEKNÓS ]. When I was finished, I was started studing a Master of special effects and postproduction for cinema in FX Animation for three years. Actually, I'm working of 3D teacher in La Salle Barceloneta and doing interships in El Ranchito as Look Development

Minh Diêu Thanh Pham


France | ESMA Lyon

I was focused on studying biology at university and then worked for a scientific publisher. Not that much into my job, the only times were I was actually happy there was when I got to work on some designs/illustrations...Thus began the journey that lead me to discover the cg world and all its opportunities to develop my creativity.

Georg Uebler


Germany | Nuremberg Institute of Technology

I realized i wanted to work in the creative media and enternaiment industry when i spend 5 months in London for my internship at an advertising studio. The people i´ve met there and the stuff i have learned was proof to me that this was the right way to go.

Melvin Østensen


Norway | Westerdals Oslo ACT

Backin 2007 when i was 10 years old, i picked up my family camcorder and started filming skateboarding. After a couple years i got introduced to DSLR photography and Photoshop where i started my compositing career. Today i am studying Visual Effects at Westerdals in Oslo, Norway.

Jansen McCord


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

I've been learning about computer animation from the age of about 12, slowly building myself up to the discovery that I could see myself working VFX in the future.



France | ESMA

Currently a 2nd year student of a Master's Degree in 3D animation and VFX at ESMA Montpellier, I really enjoy a lots of 3D domains. I am very curious and a sociable person. Movies with visuals effects like The Matrix have always inspired me. When I started my Cinema studies, I knew I would work in the post-production area.

Ramon Schauer


Germany | Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

I started out with 3D in 2014 when I started studying Animation & Game at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany. During the course I mainly focused on environment art for games but slowly started to become more interested in film (and the mixture of films and games through realtime movies and cinematic games) which is why I decided to continue studying with more focus towards that direction. I am currently enrolled at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg/Animationsinstitut.


Australia | CGMA

Back in school I discovered my love of anything and everything 3D and knew I wanted to pursue something within that field. Although it took me trying a bit of everything before I finally decided to specialise in 3D modelling/Texturing.


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

I remember being quite young when my mom let me rent a DVD to watch - Treasure Planet. I was blown away by the story, the art, the animation and what looked like 3D environments. I always loved drawing, but that film made me realize I wanted to be part of the film industry, so later on I joined University and tried 3D, where I absolutely fell in love with the technology.

Colin Scott


Portugal | ODD School

I have always been in awe of all things 3d... VFX, Games. I first played a video game at the some kids' house down the street and was blown away but being from South Africa there isn't much exposure to the 3D, VFX or Game industry. It was only once I moved to Portugal and attended ODD School that I became driven to build a career in the game industry.


United States | Gnomon School of VFX, Games, and Animation

Art always played a big role in my life. The early Walt Disney Movies inspired my childhood and influenced my creativity. The creative process of bringing a story to life by creating new worlds and characters is the main reason why I am fascinated by 3D. When I graduated from High School back home in Switzerland I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in Art. I am currently studying at the Gnomon School of VFX and focusing on modeling and texturing.

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