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Rookie Awards 2022 | Specialty

Young Guns Finalists

All great digital artists start at a young age. This is why we have a category open specifically for young artists from around the world to showcase their passion and amazing skills.

Valentina Abushenko



In my childhood I watched a lot of cartoons and they amaized me so much. These movies ("Toy story" or "Finding Nemo") have an interesting story and engaging characters. Thats's why I realised my passion to creative media and willingness to make something that would be in people's memory for a long time.

Júlia Viñas Vilaró


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

When i first study and discovered the 3D industry in school near i live about four years ago. That opened me an entire world that would end up passionating me. At that precise moment I wanted this to become at some point of my life, in my work. I know it because I am passionate about it and I always want to keep moving forward, growing and improving my skills!


United Kingdom

Recently I have discovered that I may want to work in the VFX industry. I have only be using blender at home for just over a year and am now feeling a bit more confident with my work and have been thinking about next steps in VFX industry, however I am only 16 so the next steps are a while away and may not even occur. In other words I am interested but not settles in working for VFX studios.

Tobi ajibola


United Kingdom

I started drawing from the age of 7 and was always into coloured pencil art and creating hyperrealistic art. After watching a lot of shows like The Midnight Gospel, Adventure time, Johnny Bravo and many others as I grew older I became inspired by these shows, i was inspired to create,to animate! i began my animation journey officially last year!

Arthur Kosyan



Thoughts of making art for games were in my head since elementary school but it was more like a dream or backup plan. The realisation that I definitely want to get a job in gamedev happened only couple years ago

Giora Nohl



I've been fascinated by games since I was a kid. I enjoyed games with a great story, but what really intrigued me were the visuals. I spent hours just walking around and looking at things. Examine the smallest details to see how the designers did it, and look at the big picture to understand the world the game is set in. Ever since then, I've wanted to have a future in modeling and world creation.

Dominic Heber



When I first realized how animated movies were made.



Once I finished my first sculpted character in the summer of 2021, I fell in love with this creative medium. I now devote a majority of my time learning and practicing digital character art

Franchesca Silva


Canada | Think Tank Training Centre

When I was introduced to Hollywood movies.


United Kingdom

Since I realised it was an option. The moment I learned that I could make these characters and make them move in an actual film or show I was hooked and never looked back.



When I started doing 3D animation

Ben Reynolds


New Zealand

I like how far I can push my presentation quality on everything I do, using Blender. It also feels so good to experience things that I have created myself and get praise from others for doing so.

Julien Rollin



I always enjoy making stuff, anything. I love telling stories, I started around 8 yo with stop motion animations, I was doing this all day. When I got my first laptop a few years later I started to use 3D softwares to create YouTube videos intros. By chance, I discovered all the movie industry and how it was all made. Since then, this was by beginning in this awesome CGI journey!

Gustav Augustus Hills


United Kingdom

Around the age of 6-7 I became interested in game development and 3D modelling, having the opportunity to make whatever I could imagine without limitations was an alluring opportunity as a child. Over the years I've continued to grow and develop my skills in the industry, but my love for 3D work has always kept me wanting to push myself.

Nguyen Hoang Duy



I believe this is a gradual development. When I was a kid, I love playing with computer, one day I want to be a youtuber, so that I started making videos/films. The deeper I researched about it, the bigger my passion is. As a result, I started learning more about film, then I've known about Visual Effects. It absolutely changed my life. I've met new friends, joined a ton of challenges, opened my relationships. That's priceless!

Patricia Liu


United States | San Ramon Valley High School

I've always drawn as a kid, so my mind's always been set on being an artist. I made a lot of comics before I learned of digital art. Soon I was on to animation! I've fallen in love with it, and it's amazing to be able to bring my drawings to life. Now, as 15 years old, my goal is to work in animation in the future.