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Rookie Awards 2022 | Career Opportunities

INDG Finalists

Making every product playable - digitizing full product portfolios at scale in CGI through automation and in-house technology.

Marc Mesa


Spain | FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D and Film School

When I was twelve years old I started to feel interested in the VFX industry because a very close friend showed me how he was creating his awesome VFX work. Since I was young I was practicing and learning a lot from different tutorials and nowadays I'm studying in FX Animation.

Houra Ershad


Spain | Think Tank Online ( Think tank Training Centre - ONLINE )

Drawing, painting and sculpting have always been my hobbies. But since I got introduced to digital sculpting, It gave me the vision of converting my favorite hobbies to the job I've always wished for.

Marina Firmhofer


Germany | Hochschule der Medien

I always wanted to work in the creative world, but only couple of years ago I finally had a chance to start learning 3D and since then it's my hobby and my passion and hopefully soon also my career.

Grace Moore


United Kingdom | University for the Creative Arts

In my final year of Fashion Textiles at the University for the Creative Arts where just over a year ago I discovered a passion for digital garment creation using 3D software. Alongside my studies of fashion and printed textiles, i have been developing my 3D digital fashion skills to create a digital twin collection of my final graduate garments.

Emma Scapolo


Italy | BigRock Institute of Magic Technologies

Growing up in an all-male family, I swayed between my drawings on scattered sheets and video games. Growing up I became more and more passionate about the graphics of what I was playing, I felt I had such an experience that I could notice what was a pleasure to see and what wasn't. Where I live, 3D for the Animation / Gaming / Cinematics Industry is nothing very much felt, but as soon as I became aware of the possibility of being part of it I did not hesitate.

Quinn Paul Ranulph Dacre


New Zealand | Victoria University of Wellington

I have been making films ever since I can remember; starting with a local claymation course when I was 7 years old. Ever since then I've been pushing keyframes, and making up my own weird creations while continually telling stories.