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Rookie Awards 2022 | Career Opportunities

BVN REAL Finalists

BVN REAL is looking for one lucky winner for an internship.

Christian Frederik Pedersen


Denmark | 3D College

Seong Mi Kim


South Korea | SF Film School

Right after watching Life of Pi at a cinema, I got curious about how the movie was made. so, I got the answer from smart Google. That moment was the official start of my journey til now.

Leonardo F. Betancur  Díaz



Since I have memory when I was a child, I wanted to be a part of the videogame industry, but I saw it as a utopian dream, but during the pandemic when I was in my first year of university (studying Mechanical Engineering), I began to believe that it is not impossible.

Ilenia Di Maria


Switzerland | butic The New School

In October 2020 I started a master in "Butic the new school" in Madrid about architectural visualization and as time went by, I realized that this was going to be the path that I wanted to follow in my professional life. Actually, it is not only about a profession but a passion in my life.

Rhys Harvey-Watkins


United Kingdom | Weymouth College

I first became interested in this industry when my secondary school took me on a day trip to a local university and I took part in a 3D modelling course where we did a wide range of tasks in different areas of the industry. I really enjoyed this experience and wanted to peruse it further. I installed basic programs like blender and followed many tutorials which resulted in my passion for the practice.

Wannes Stroobandt


Belgium | Howest - Digital Arts and Entertainment

During my previous college education in Multimedia and Creative Technologies, I did a twelve-week-long internship as a virtual reality developer using Unreal Engine 4. Before this experience, I had barely ever worked in a creative environment where game technologies and mechanics were used. It was during this period that I realized how interesting working with these immersive technologies could be.

Nahuel Murakoshi


Argentina | butic The New School

I have been interested in technology, design and creating things since I was a child, but I have never had clear what I wanted to be when I grew up. Last year I was unmotivated studying architecture, I didn't know if I really wanted to work on it. The only thing that I enjoyed was the visual and morphological work. By chance I met Archviz, I have never imagined that there were so many possibilities in this 3D world with so many creatives studios. It is certainly a new world that I love.

Sebastià Mercadal



My whole life has been remarkably related to design, although I also found time for other hobbies related to art, guitar, and piano playing. The Bachelor in Architecture has taught me about the importance of developing accurate 3d models and pleasant final images. Furthermore, a wide skill-set is key for me that's why I've always combined academic studies with teaching myself how to edit photos and videos. Taking into my background and hobbies, I realize my future was in the ArchViz industry.



France | ESMA

Always wanted to work in the cinema industrie, when I rewatched Toy Story or Frozen, I was shocked by the quality of these movies. That's when I knew...

Emma Meilán



I've been inmersed in creative media since my childhood: dancing and painting were my two main ways of expression during that period of my life. Later on, I studied Architecture and after many years of working for different companies, I came to realize that it was important for me to integrate my technical skills with my artistic soul, in order to feel confortable and fulfilled in my job. This is why I made the decision to enroll in SCHOOL-ING, taking a leap of faith.

Shamanth S


India | St.josephs academy

My talent in creative media was found by my teacher in class 8 and now I want to take my talent to sky where I can express myself in a outstanding way and moreover iam really interested in this field.


Sweden | Yrgo | School of Architectural Visualization

I studied media & photography in upper secondary school and since then I have been certain that this was the industry I wanted to work in. Back then I had no idea what 3D visualization was but after searching for the next step in my education I found YRGO and architectural visualization. My interest in digital creation and love for interior design made me apply and I am very happy that I did. 3D visualization is something I really want to work with after graduation.


Spain | Voxel School



Ecuador | USFQ

In my last years of school I realized that I wanted to be part of the media and entertainment industry in any way possible. I started learning video editing, game development, 3D, etc. That is why I decided to study Interactive Design in the best university in Ecuador, called Universidad San Francisco de Quito. There I learned web development, as well as game, VR and AR development. They taught me Unity and C#, but after watching UE5 I recently started learning it alongside Blender.


India | St. Joseph's Academy

By recent times as suggested by my friend