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Rookie Awards 2022 | Rookie of the Year

Product Design

Focused on the art of visualising products, furniture, and gadgets that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production. Judges looking to see the process from concept design through to completed renderings and even real-world prototypes.

Product Design
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United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I grew up in a creative environment and have always found joy and solace in making things for others. As I've experienced more of the design world, I've found myself exploring the intersection of inclusive design, systems thinking, and narrative. Whether it's through function, aesthetic, or some combination of both, my goal is to make small moments meaningful.

Runner Up


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I was first intrigued by the element of translating words to visual cues that allows for better understanding and started a journey in graphic design. However, I realised that a lot of the work was based on assumptions and thriving to be more consumer/ user forward, I changed my focus into UX. With UX Research, it has allowed me to relearn the human condition to fulfil the duty as designers to design better products and experiences for the communities around the world.

Highly Commended

Paul Arnold


Cyprus |

I realized this when most of my compositions started to drift towards overall product and concept art designs so why not embrace it. Plus it's fun to really push yourself to create incredible works of art. Be it 2D or 3D.

Highly Commended


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I'll always been interested in art, but I didn't realize I wanted to go until the end of high school where I found that I could design art on the computer. From there, I realized that I could purse a design career that combine my passions of gaming, technology, and design into one job.

People's Choice


Malaysia | The One Academy of Communication Design

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sought after badges.

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Category Brief

The judges are looking for the best young product designers that are passionate about Product Design or Industrial Design. You will need to show experience with AutoCAD style programs which offer a more precise building platform with a strong focus on real-world physics and restraints than other 3D software packages. The judges want to not only see how you sketch and design your ideas, but they are very interested in seeing how you visualise and present your ideas to the world.


Important Notes

  • This category is for Industrial Designers and Product Designers, not 3D artists wanting to work in film and games.
  • CAD software and the _-design process__ must be the focus for entrants.
  • This is not a category for people with nice ZBrush models of cars, products or furniture.
  • Include illustrations and other supporting material to help explain to judges your design process and problem solving abilities.
  • Judges are interested in seeing great product visualisations. So make sure to share really polished final renders and compliment these with sketches and concept art.
  • Ask questions on our Discord Channel if you need help.
  • Review Winning Entries from last year that were selected by our judges.
  • Watch this video demonstration that shows how to create a perfect entry.

Requirements & Deliveries

  • Read the Rules to make sure you are eligible to enter.
  • This category is for artists that specialise in using CAD software.
  • No team entries allowed for this category.
  • Share your process with the judging panel by including supporting material, not only finished artworks.

Judging Criteria

The judges are looking for artists that are ready for employment. They are looking for artists with a passion for this category and have worked hard to hone their skills.

The judges will be considering your overall presentation, technical skills, creative skills, variety of content, and employment potential. Treat your entry like a job interview and share your best work to impress the judges.

How to enter

  1. Click Submit Entry button to create an entry page.
  2. Upload your best images, videos and supporting media using our entry page builder.
  3. Select ‘Rookie of the Year > Product Design’ as your nominated category.
  4. Add details including a cover image, title, description, tags, and software used.
  5. Accept rules and confirm eligibility.
  6. Confirm & Submit your entry to judging panel.