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Rookie Awards 2022 | Rookie of the Year

Architectural Visualisation Finalists

Open to artists who specialise in Architectural Visualisation. This is content created to help visualise building interiors and exteriors, landscaping, town planning and sustainability.

Rustom Tamayo



I have been studying Architecture for the past five years, but then I realize I like to do visualization.

Sie Arifin Ciputra


Indonesia | 2G Academy

I'm interested in architectural visualization since I graduated high school, and I'm learning to be better every day

David Martinez Correa


Ireland | Factoria 5 Training Hub

I realized that I wanted to work in Architectural Visualization when I was working on my first job as an architect and came into contact with different Archviz studios. I loved how real something that exists in your mind can be when you use CGI images, so that everyone can understand and appreciate it. This creative world is perfectly suited to my artistic interests and architectural skills, which is why I have specialized in this exciting career.

Nahuel Murakoshi


Argentina | butic The New School

I have been interested in technology, design and creating things since I was a child, but I have never had clear what I wanted to be when I grew up. Last year I was unmotivated studying architecture, I didn't know if I really wanted to work on it. The only thing that I enjoyed was the visual and morphological work. By chance I met Archviz, I have never imagined that there were so many possibilities in this 3D world with so many creatives studios. It is certainly a new world that I love.

Sebastià Mercadal



My whole life has been remarkably related to design, although I also found time for other hobbies related to art, guitar, and piano playing. The Bachelor in Architecture has taught me about the importance of developing accurate 3d models and pleasant final images. Furthermore, a wide skill-set is key for me that's why I've always combined academic studies with teaching myself how to edit photos and videos. Taking into my background and hobbies, I realize my future was in the ArchViz industry.

Mateo Parra Arbelaez



When I was studying architecture quite time ago I realise that I was more interested in the visual part of the project than technical stuff, since then I have been learning about archviz.



I am interior designer, always interested in the art and creative industry. I have a multidisciplinary background in the design field. After a few years working in London as graphic designer I decided study architectural visualization in School-ing. It's when I realise that I wanted to be 3D visualiser. We are almost in the middle of the course and It's being one of my best desition in my life.

Celia Vázquez


Spain | butic The New School

I am an interior designer. By making my designs through 3D visualization, I was able to see how I could reflect my ideas in a more attractive way. This way I focused a lot on visualization.

Prince Phi Hung Nguyen


Denmark | Aalborg University

Francisco Sacristán García-Bueno



During the course of my career as an interiors student, I was seeing a means by which, being able to create spaces in which emotions beyond their architecture could be transmitted. This vision added to my passion for photography, channeled me towards this profession, which combines the main emotions of both worlds.

Manuela Oria



I have always been attracted to all the things that can be done in front of a computer, but when I was studying industrial design and saw a render for the first time, I thought I wanted to do that. It was there when I decided to focus and start specializing in what I consider to be my passion.

Laura del Barrio



Since I was a child, I have dreamt of becoming an architect. As the years went by, my interest in art, photography and design grew. I graduated in Architecture & Design and I was always interested in the artistic part that related both worlds. ArchViz is my passion because of the ability to communicate a project from a specific perspective. Being able to build other realities, create a story from a visual approach and generate emotions in others is something really exciting.

Oscar Sanabria


Spain | butic The New School

I have always been passionate about architecture, design, photography and art in general.

Sebastian Lund


Sweden | Yrgo | School of Architectural Visualization

I've always had at least one creative outlet, be it writing, drawing, composing music, etc. I did however think that I wanted to keep these activities strictly recreational, possibly semi-professional, but not my full-time job. This changed when I discovered YRGO and the world of visualisation. It perfectly combines my love for problem solving and technology with my interest in all things creative.

Alberto Navarro Sánchez



For the past four years my professional profile has been very technical. Now I would like to shift my work towards something more artistic, expertising in modelling and rendering techniques.



Mexico | butic The New School

During my academic training I reached a point where I had to learn the development of visual projects for architecture or hire such a service, at first it was a self-taught learning and over time I have developed a passion for visualization and architectural design, I am currently studying the Master in Architectural Visualization at Butic Be Different.

Xulia Rocamora Penín



I am an interior designer. During the training period at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, I realized that I needed to develop skills in 3D softwares, in order to be able to better explain my projects. That was the moment I enrolled in School-ing, and where I had my first contact with 3D in the beginning of this year. It was there where I really found that my passion is telling the stories of a space through the images I create. I am a very hard-working person and with a full desire to learn

Shamanth S


India | St.josephs academy

My talent in creative media was found by my teacher in class 8 and now I want to take my talent to sky where I can express myself in a outstanding way and moreover iam really interested in this field.

Luis Carlos de la Rosa Beuzeville



Archiviz came to my life in my first architecture year and along this time, I realized how I would like to do for living.

Robinson Roa


Colombia | Seña Paula

Desde la universidad encontré habilidades para el campo gráfico enfocado en arquitectura y urbanismo. Siempre he querido avanzar en conocer cómo proponer ideas a través de entornos gráficos.

Sameh Elsayed Salem


Egypt | learnvray

It is a passion since I was young when I was playing with my toys, jaw, combination and discovering things, That's made me love this direction in my old age, which is (ART) and always interesting in improving my skills specially in graphic design softwares that helps me in my career as (ARCHITECT).

Guilherme Marcondes



Despite holding a Civil Engineering Bachelor's degree I've always been into visual creative stuff. Between 2019 and 2020 I started a course about architectural visualization as a hobby due to my interests in architecture and the CGI world. One year after I finished the course, I got the opportunity to work with an archviz project which was a new product being developed at the company I used to work and that's when I realized I wanted to work with that.