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Rookie Awards 2022 | Rookie of the Year

Game Development Finalists

Projects entered should include content specifically with the intention of contributing to a computer game. This includes models, environments, animations, fx elements, code and more. The judges will be looking for the best creative and/or technical submissions for this massive category.

Kris Yu


United States | Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation

I play games for fun and attracted by the realistic looking of them. I intended to study arts in my future, then I realized that my passion for the video game leads me to study game art.

Roy C Bennett IV


United States | Think Tank Training Centre

Playing video games with deeply cinematic stories introduced me to a passion of wanting to create 3D Game Assets and Environments that convey interesting narratives. I hope to bring my design and technical background into Game Environment Art to help create new games and stories that inspire players around the world.

Silke Van Der Smissen


Belgium | Howest University of Applied Sciences - Digital Arts and Entertainment

When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do when I got home from school was play Crash Bandicoot on our PS1 with my sister and my dad. We'd each take turns and pass around the controller. From there my love for videogames grew. I've always been really interested in art as well. After studying fine arts for 3 years, I realized I could simply merge my love for art with my love for games. So I went to study DAE in Kortrijk, which is what's brought me here! I hope you enjoy some of my work!

Jaydo de Ruijter


Netherlands | Breda University of Applied Sciences

At the age of 10, when I played Spyro for the first time. I always wanted to be a sculptor or a painter when I was younger. But it meant there wasn't more to it than just a pretty picture. When I realized 3D art had to be made by people (which as a kid I didn't know..), I aspired to become a character artist for games. Creating your own characters to be played by people around the world- is just the absolute dream!

Michalina Gąsienica-Laskowy


Poland | Howest – Digital Arts and Entertainment

I've been creating 3D renders since I was 10. I thought it was something everybody knows about, something every person can tell the basics about - just like drawing. I realized how unique skills I'm developing when I went to high school and moved to another city. My new friends were amazed by my artworks and only a little percentage of them knew anything about what I'm doing. That's when I understood how narrow this genre is and that I want to follow it as my career path.

Niels Couvreur


Belgium | Howest University of Applied Sciences - Digital Arts and Entertainment

I was partnered with YouTube when it was still cool back in the day. Back then as a partner you could have a top banner that no one else could have. All the nice ones were made in 3D, so I didn't want some ordinary boring text with my name on it, no, I wanted something in 3D. So I started looking at tutorials and creating my own banners.

Noah Baumann


Germany | Howest University of Applied Sciences - Digital Arts and Entertainment

I've always been interested in 3D art. Ever since I was a little child I enjoyed watching animated movies or playing video games. At age 13 I started to learn graphic design and during that time I moved more and more into 3D.

Oh Holy Mary


Spain | Universal Arts School

Since I was a child, I always liked to draw and create characters. After school I got involved in graphic design and then I studied video game art where I learned all the process involved in creating video games but my love was not in concept and drawing, I discovered back then that my main interest was creating characters in 3D, that's why I decided to pursue a career as a Character Artist.

Alsu Rakhimova


Canada | Think Tank Training Centre

I have always been creating new characters using traditional and digital instruments. In 2020, I discovered the world of 3D art and decided to pursue my true passion. I believe that you'll be the best at doing what you love.

Garrick Ho


United States

I'm a 3D environment artist with an undergraduate training in architectural design. I have a passion for urbanism and creating dense and detailed spaces. Experiencing the dynamic world and architecture in Cyberpunk 2077 was a turning point in my career aspirations. I greatly appreciate the sense of wonder, immersion, and level of detail and control that I can imbue in game environments. Hope you enjoy my work.

Máté Válent


Slovakia | Breda University of Applied Sciences

When I was around 14 I downloaded Blender from Steam because I had no computer games to play. Ever since I have been going in deeper and deeper into 3D graphics. When I turned 16 I decided to pursue a career in the game industry so I started to look for a university.

Alden Chen Ju Shuen


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

I have always enjoyed playing video games, and with that came admiring the motions of my in-game avatars. Whether they were stylish acrobatic feats or satisfying gun reloads, animations gave life to the avatars. However, I was merely a player and had no control over what animations I would get to see my avatar perform, so I simply decided I could change that by leaping into animation myself. I hope to create animations that would captivate others like the ones that captivated me.

Joubert Tom


France | New3Edge

I have always enjoyed entertaining people

Zhang leo


France | New3dge

I love playing video games, that’s why I attempt to create my own stage/game.

Casper Bering Kjæhr


Denmark | 3D College Viden Djurs

After studying Mediaoligy for a couple of years, with the intend of getting a technical understanding and learn the “ins and outs” of cg and multimedia, I started working towards a career in game development. Recently I’ve finished my cg education @3DCollege.

Alessia Malatesta


France | New3dge

It was while playing that I wondered about the creative world of video games. I learned about the job and as I liked art, I made the decision to make a video game school after high school.

Adam Dencker


Sweden | The Game Assembly

Started out my journey through studying Game Design and 3D Graphics for Games in highschool back in 2015, did a 6 month internship at Pathos Interactive in 2019-2020. Now I'm studying at The Game Assembly in Malmö and haven't regretted a thing!



France | ArtFX School

In 2018 After HighSchool I was looking for a passionating future job and studies.

Nathan Desjardins


Canada | Think Tank Training Centre

2016 was the first time I tried painting digitally - seeing what others were making with the medium fascinated me. It drove me to spend most of my free-time throughout highschool practicing illustration - also picked up Blender along the way as an intro to 3D. I ended up really liking it and thought I might as well give it a more serious look.

Thomas Corvée


France | New3dge

I've always been passionate about cinema and video games. When I reached University to get a Cinema Licence, I fell in love with the process of making art. I decided to merge my passion for video games and making art so here I am now, it's my 4th year in New3dge and I'm learning Game Art and VFX. I'm really glad because for a long time I didn't really know what I wanted to do in my life and now I've found my way.

Kerrigan Marois


United States | Think Tank Training Centre

I knew the moment I played the original Zelda on the NES when I was 5. Exploring the unknown, overcoming fear and using your imagination along the way is a wonderful facsimile to the journey of an artist.

Hugo Colauto


Belgium | Howest University of Applied Sciences - Digital Arts and Entertainment

Actually early on I dreamed of being a snowboard teacher. However my aunt showed me a lot of art when I came to visit and I got amazed. because of that I decided I would find a creative job and start my drawing journey. I love World of Warcraft and especially borderlands. These two showed me how fantasy rich and creative games could be and that's where I got interested in games and the 3D art behind it. People enjoying immersive experiences is beautiful! I would love to make that kind of art.

Vincent Luu


France | New3dge

Markus K. Gruber


Germany | Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

I've been invested in the entertainment industry ever since my earliest childhood days, probably beginning with a great fascination for 3D animated movies. Back then, I always cudgelled my brain's with questions such as "How did they do it?". That quickly transfered to video games in further stages of my childhood, and eventually steered me into studying 3D Art. Today, I'm discovering more and more answers to the questions that I wondered about way back then with every new day.

Sebastian Bubu-Oppenheimer


United Kingdom | UAL

I've always had a love for video games and art in general as many people do however I never knew creating 3D environments was an actual job or career path. During my studies at the University of Arts London, I was made aware of the Game Arts pathway the software was extremely daunting and my first experience was with Uvs so naturally, I brushed it aside. However, after another class, I was able to experiment and get lost in the software and I instantly became passionate.



France | New3dge

After studying fine art for many years, I became interested in 3D art and took related courses during my undergraduate study. I came into contact with the game engine by chance after graduation and was deeply attracted by it. Therefore, I decided to apply what I learned to the game field and transform from a player to a creator.

Deevya Patel


United Kingdom | University of the Arts London

My earliest memories are watching my siblings pass around a controller, hunched over the Gamecube...then a Wii..Nintendo DS and a Playstation. Games have shaped pretty much my whole life so it was a no brainer when deciding what I wanted to do!


France | ArtFX School

When I was young, I was so admirative while looking at Pixar and Disney animation movies so I decided to work in that and creating 3D on my own. But time passed and I discovered video games and it shown me a larger number of possibilities in visuals and game mechanics. So I searched for a School to learn how to make games.

Stefanie Arndorfer


Austria | Breda University of Applied Sciences

When I was younger, I enjoyed playing Spyro The Dragon and it established my love for fantasy worlds in video games. Since I can remember I also used to draw a lot and come up with lots of stories. So combining these two passions together is what made me come to study Visual Art at the International Game Art and Design program at Breda University of Applied Sciences. The rest is history. Thank you for looking at my work and hopefully, you enjoy some of it!

Dennis Welling


Germany | Howest University of Applied Sciences - Digital Arts and Entertainment

3 years ago, when I started studying game design

Nioma van der Steen


Belgium | Howest – Digital Arts and Entertainment

As a kid I've always been very invested in interactive media/video games and creating my own art! It was a way to express myself and as a method of escapism. I loved discovering the real world just as much as the fictional ones on my game consoles and tried to incorporate both as much as possible in my own creations. To be able to represent everyone and people like myself in it too, was something I wanted to strive for.


Sweden | Futuregames

Been playing games forever and wanted to make some

Joe Rodrigues


France | New3dge

Hi! I'm always looking for new opportunities that can give me new skills and knowledge. I love to learn in all fields and especially in Game Environment, Lighting and FX. Do not hesitate to contact me, it will be a great pleasure to discuss with you and why not evolve professionally together. :)

Yano Claeys


Belgium | Howest University of Applied Sciences - Digital Arts and Entertainment

Near the end of highschool I realised what I was studying was not something for me, I always had an intrest in 2D and 3D art. Then I heard of a school pretty close to where I lived where they teach you all about the digital arts for games and movies. I was hooked.

Jonni Zhang


Germany | Think Tank Training Centre

I think I have had the wish to work in a creative field for as long as I can remember. Although, It was only about a couple years ago since I decided that I wanted to become a 3D character artist and started trying to improve my skills every day.

Michael Martel


United States | Gnomon

I always wanted to work in games when I was a kid, but I thought it was a pipe dream. I didn't know that it was possible to have a healthy prosperous career in the game industry until I got to college. A few specific professors opened my eyes to the opportunities out there. Through that experience, I realized its possible for me to help build worlds that fully immerse people into them as I was as a kid.