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Rookie Awards 2022 | Rookie of the Year

Concept Art Finalists

Concept Art is created for feature film, computer games, story narrative, theme parks, advertising and fan-art purposes.

Hamish Kentwell


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

While at Highschool, I heard the founder of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Alex Alvarez, speak at AgIdeas in Melbourne. This talk really opened my eyes to the world of VFX and design for films & games., and suggested a way for me to combine my interests in art, design, and storytelling.

Juan Camilo Vallejo


Colombia | Universal Arts School

It was 12 years ago when I started creating some 3D artwork and that led to my first job where I worked on an independent animated film. I was studying advertising in college and when I graduated I worked in different agencies for 3 years before making the switch to work again in 3D and now I have a huge passion for concept art. Here I can create using different mediums that I love, 3D which is my main background and drawing which school teaches me well.

Valentin Noiret


France | Bellecour Ecole

The first time I realized i wanted to work in this industry might be while watching Adventure Time, wich inspired me to start drawing and pursue a career in animation.

Regin Wellander


France | New3dge

It all began when I watched Lord of the Rings at seven years old. I was awestruck by the monsters and characters in the movie. I knew there and then that I wanted to fight Nazgul and goblins. Sadly the lack of mythological creatures in modern society has put a pin in those plans. After that crushing dissapointment I realized that I could at least help others in their own creative battles against hordes undesigned enemies.

Jessie Jiang


Canada | Syn studio

When I was in college completing an illustration major, it was during the release of some stunning triple As titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Destiny2. Not only is their visuals compelling, the world-buildings behind these titles are equally stunning. I was curious about how the ideas are made and then being translated into visuals, and discovered concept in the process. It is very rare to find an occupation that is both challenging and joyful.

Raana Rain Rouhani


United States | Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation

I spent my childhood with limited access to entertainment and media, so accessing it was a challenge. I thought about working in the animation industry in middle school, and by the end of high school, I went outside of my comfort zone to a new country to pursue my goal. It was beyond worth it, as it shaped the person I am today. The stories I sought taught me the true impact that entertainment can have on people; it acts as a unified language that everyone can understand. It is a feeling.



France | ISART Digital

When I was in the last school year, I didn't know what I wanted to do. After some " job-in-the-future-search" in Google, I discovered the Game Art universe. It mixed my two passions: videogames and drawing. At this moment, my choice of career became clear :D

Kiara Leneuf


France | New3dge

Drawing has always been a necessity for me since the very early stages of my life, and at 5 years old, I already knew that I couldn't live a life without art being part of my job.



France | New3dge

when I realized that this is the only thing that sparks me fire.

Jordan Soar


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

I have always had a deep love for the entertainment industry, primarily in film and video games. From a very young age, it has been a dream of mine to work in said industry, and this goal is currently at the forefront of my life.


France | New3dge

I realised I wanted to work in the creative media the first time i heard about the job of concept artist, i was fifteen. Since there this is my goal. So i tookk figures drawing class during the end of my high school. Then i joined RUBIKA Supinfogame school. I left after one year to intergrate New3Dge. I did the Prepa and the first year and now i'm in the New3Dge Concept Art Class which open last year.

Aitor Sebastián Martín


Spain | Voxel School

As a teenager, i felt the urge to represent the characters and stories i used to daydream about. I aspire to do so today and do them justice.

Arthur Ripert


France | New3dge

I always loved drawing or painting since I was little and working in the entertainement industry felt like an obvious oportunity to make a living from my passion. My growing passion of videogames and cinema throughout the years reinforced that feeling of wanted to tell stories with my art.

Juan Edwin Kusmartin


Malaysia | The One Academy

Drawing what inspires me is always be my hobby since I was a kid and it took me to a lot of local drawing competitions. Thus as I grow older, around junior high school, made me realize that my life is always revolves around art, and of course, entertainment as everyone do. It is always been the main inspiration for me to continue my passion for drawing. To work and to contribute to the industry, is nevertheless my life goal.

Samuel Amar


France | New3dge

Happened when I was at the end of my highschool days. When I had to make a choice concerning the futur, the only thing I liked at that time was video games and scribbling manga faces in the margins of my school sheets. Now that's what I'm leaving for and hopefully with !


Indonesia | The One Academy

I have always loved drawing and watching animated movies. My favorite one so far is Zootopia. It has stunning visuals and mesmerizing world-building. I have always wondered whether it would be so cool if I could work for that kind of movie, be the one designing that, and see my name rolling on the credits. However, I never realized that I could pursue a career in that field which I know now as a concept artist until I was first introduced to it during a high school education fair.

Bianchi Jerome


France | New3dge

Years ago, I was all about cinematography and scenario when I encountered beautifull and inspiring artworks ... In my younger years, I think what drove me there is the attention to details, the realization that cinematic shot and artwork was not just sparks of creativity but a well thought plan where (almost) everything had a meaning, a purpose, intentionally or not.

Nora Pikoszky


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

I've realised I wanted to work in this field since I was 7 years old.



France | New3dge


Indonesia | The One Academy

About 3 years ago, when I started to decide that I want to go to an Art School.

Legouini Clément


France | New3dge

I am super inspired by history, legends and myths; the films, games and books that rocked my childhood but also by my journeys and meetings were very enriching. Concept art allows me to really link all my passions, tell stories and study new ones !

Tanguy Macq


France | New3dge

Hello, i'm Tanguy, 20 years old student from New3dge in Paris. I was 16 when i discovered the FZD channel on youtube, from there, i tried my best to keep improving and hopefully be able to work in this industry. I'm really happy to share my work with everyone !

Oscar Bagalini


France | New3dge

After high school I did a design school. From the beginning I realized that product design was not going to allow me to draw as much as I wanted. So I started to study my possibilities in illustration. Today I'm in New3dge, in a Concept Art class.

Cyprien Rousson


France | New3dge

I have always been inspired by visual media, games especially. I love creating stories and designs.

Bouzehouane Leo


France | New3DGE

I have always been interested in the creative side of the enetertainment industry but I started really considering it as a potential career path a few years ago.

Carolina López Berrus


Spain | Universal Arts School

I have been drawing and creating stories since I was a child, and the first time I was forced to stop it for a long time were the harder years in my life. That's the moment when I realized I needed it as an important part of myself, and then I started studying Fine Arts in Granada (Spain). Over those years concept art and character design became my passion, and it is just growing stronger each day I keep learning!


Malaysia | The One Academy

When I was child , Im in love with video game and anime :3 >>>>ILOVETOMYAM<<<<


Malaysia | The One Academy

I have always had a love for creatures in all media and want to contribute to the representation of animals and natural wildlife in entertaining new ways. I've also met many friends who have stories to tell and I want to help them to express themselves in these stories.


France | Bellecour Ecole

Back in 2018, one of my classmates offered me to help him develop a pixel-art game. I was in charge of the graphic assets along with 2 other friends. That project was abandonned, but we kept in touch and entered 2 game jams together. That experience made me realise that I absolutely loved to create environments and characters for video-games. Since then, my interests have evolved, but that was definitely what got me to realise I wanted to work in this field.

Ewelina Bielska


Poland | University of Dundee, DJCAD

One of the main events that pushed me to pursue art was when I watched the special features on my Sprit: Stallion of the Cimarron DVD as a child and when I saw all of the animators working together to piece together that movie. I was utterly captivated by the whole process and I decided that my goal would be to one day be a part of a similar team of talented artists., bringing immersive stories to life.

Jean-Loup Charnais


France | Artside game art school

At first, I even didn't know about concept art, I thought it was fun to work in the entertainment industry but I didn't know "how to". So I started learning digital painting from myself, and by hanging out on artistic networks and forums I ended up hearing about the craft of concept artist that perfectly matched my expectations and my dreams : since I haven’t let go of my stylus!

William Wong


Canada | Syn Studio

Whilst finishing a degree in architecture, I happened to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which opened my eyes to how video games were fast becoming the next great frontier for storytelling. Experiencing these immersive environments, cutting-edge visual effects & engaging gameplay, made me want to join in and meaningfully contribute somehow; as well as combining my passion for design, history and art.

Jean-Baptiste Ollivier


France | ArtFX School