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Rookie Awards 2019 | Rookie of the Year

Visual Effects Finalists

Visual effects involves working with assets and elements that can be integrated with live-action footage and generated imagery to create photo realistic environments, characters, sets, props, animation and effects that would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, or simply impossible to capture on film.

Nicolò Granese


Italy | Think Tank Training Centre

When I was 14 I started studying Photoshop thanks to an online forum. I fell in love with digital design. Starting with stuff like logos, web designs and tags I learned all the basics, then in 2015 I discovered Cinema 4D and I started learning 3D modeling, since then I've never stopped.

Emmanuel Humbert


United Kingdom | ArtFX School

I realised I wanted to work in visual effects around my 16th year but it has been a slow and growing thought

Dina Salama


Canada | Think Tank Training Centre

I have always been experimenting with all art forms, from traditional art, digital art, graphic design to motion graphics and animation. Eventually, I have found my passion in 3D modeling, specifically for films in 2017 and I started learning the pipeline, experimenting and practicing non-stop until I joined Think Tank in 2018 to get the education and mentorship that will push me forward to my goals.

Laszlo Kalbache


Canada | ArtFX School

When I was young and fascinated by VFX in big movies, I was already looking for how to create an effect.



Japan | Musashino Art University

I realised it when I was university sophomore.


United States | Gnomon

I took an interest in the creative media and entertainment industry while I was in high school. I started creating content as soon as I started learning the programs. It was just a hobby at first but slowly turned into a passion.

Vinicius Mantovani Favero


Canada | Think Tank Training Centre

Since i discovered that i can actually work with what i love.

Milan Bojanic


Canada | Think Tank Training Centre

I have always been interested in the creative industry. However, I ended up having a career in Finance that was not creatively fulfilling. Therefore a few years ago I decided to switch careers to pursue my passion and head of into the entertainment industry.

Joyce Kambey


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

I was exposed to video games when I was young, and was interested to pursue a career in game industry. However I enrolled into an animation school where I learn more about the film and animation industry. Ever since then I have decided I wanted to do visual effects and pursue a career in film industry.

Haram Jung


South Korea | Hansung University

When I was a university student, I enrolled in a motion graphics study group in our college. I realized motion graphics is pretty fascinating area rather than a graphic design part(like typography, poster design and etc). As I studying motion graphics, I found interest in 3D motion graphic design. So I started to study Cinema4D and then I became a 3D motion designer.

Jesse James Jabines Gozo


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

While studying Computer Science in college, I was exposed to art, media and photography. I was most interested in cinematography and eventually gave up the programming degree in pursuit of film-making and dove into visual effects. I've developed a strong passion for building creative solutions for problems in production and post. At 3dsense, meeting other passionate artists, especially my mentor, Craig Stevenson, helped me grow and learn to dream bigger.

Ludwig Ek


Sweden | Lulea University of Technology

I've always loved drawing and to be creative but it wasn't until a few years back when I tried Zbrush for the first time, then I realized I wanted to do this as my work-

Cary Graham


Canada | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in film when I saw the original Jurassic Park in the theatre and left convinced Spielberg had actually brought dinosaurs back from extinction.

Denis Krez


Germany | Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

With 16 years I had my first contact with VFX. My brother showed me a funny photomontage which one of his friends created as a joke. He put my brothers face on the poster of Terminator 2 - the one with Arnold sitting on the motorcycle. It wasn't just funny - it blew my mind how believable that montage looked. From that day on I picked up every online tutorial I could find and started the long journey of learning to see the world in relation to motion, light, composition and colour.

Isaac Zuren


Mexico | Tecnologico de Monterrey

I’m a 3D Artist, designer and photographer. Throughout the years I have specialized in photorealism, lighting, texturing and high quality modeling. I have been studying 3D for almost 10 years (started when I was 14 years old), initially just for curiosity but eventually it become my passion. I’m always willing to learn new ways to improve and share my knowledge with others, work together to achieve effective and better results.

Timothée Maron


France | ESMA

Currently a Junior Generalist TD at Framestore London, I am specialized into Asset Texturing/LookDev with strong knowledge in Lighting and Modeling. I am a selfmotivated worker, friendly person and an enthusiastic learner who love working in team and create high quality asset, images as well as tools/workflow !

Maria Tsianti


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

I was 12-13 years old when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the animation/VFX industry. I have been very imvolved with the arts ever since I was very young.

Angela Rico


United States | Gnomon

Two things happened that made me want to stop thinking about becoming a veterinarian. 1. I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and 2. I played God of War I.

Georg Uebler


Germany | Nuremberg Institute of Technology

I realized i wanted to work in the creative media and enternaiment industry when i spend 5 months in London for my internship at an advertising studio. The people i´ve met there and the stuff i have learned was proof to me that this was the right way to go.

Jhih-Yuan Lin


Canada | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

I have always had a love of movies and great special effects. Being able to leverage technical knowledge in order to craft amazing visual effects greatly appealed to me.

Florian Rigollet


France | ESMA

I've always known I wanted to be a "creative person". During my childhood I've watched hundreds of movies and drawn a thousand of characters. That's why I'm so passionated about movies and how they're made. When I was a teenager, I started learning 3D and Photoshop, and I began considering this passion as a future professional vocation. Throughout my training at ESMA and my internship, I discovered differents areas of specialization and now I am convinced that I want to work in visual effects.


France | New3dge

Since I was a child, I have been passionate about animated films. I have always been interested in the creative process I like the team spirit and the challenge of always surpassing oneself that this industry requires.


South Korea | SF Film school

I have often seen movies since I was a child. I was interested in cg when I saw movies often.



South Korea | SF FILM SCHOOL

I liked sf movies since I was a kid. I wanted to make that space my own. VFX is the only pleasure in my life.