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Rookie Awards 2021 | Career Opportunities

IO Interactive Finalists

IO Interactive is looking for a 3D Animator and a Concept Artist to be the lucky winners of a (virtual) mentorship.

Martina Levrini


Italy | FZD School of Design

I realised I wanted to draw when I watched Star Wars next to my father when I was a little girl, but decided that I wanted to pursue the concept artist carreer when I saw the backstage footage from the Lord of the Rings. I was amazed by all the work done by Weta Workshop, and had no idea that it could be a potential future!

Jordan Garner


United Kingdom

It was when my friend first introduced me to the world of illustrations and concepts on different social media and websites, like instagram, Artstation and etc.. Right then I knew exactly what I want to be doing for the rest of my life! - My Email is [email protected]

Natalia Lichanska


Ireland | Escape Studios

My animation journey began in 2017 during an internship in Animation Studio in Warsaw where I learned the basics of animation. After that, I realised that 3D character animation is something I am really passionate about and the next steps for me would be to focus on that area. This is when I enrolled in Escape Studios in London for 3D Animation and Character Design courses. I also completed an online body mechanics workshop with iAnimate.

Michaela Kindlova


Czechia | Bournemouth University

When I started taking my art hobbies more seriously I decided to transfer from traditional to digital art which was a big turning point for me! I loved the creative freedom and opportunity to create iterations very quickly. I got really into illustration and concept art and eventually decided to study digital arts along with 3D animation in the UK and I've been pursuing it ever since!

Vladimir Agache


Spain | FX Animation

When I first came to Spain came across with videogames and fell in love with them. Since that moment I never stopped imagining doing and creating these kinds of things as I loved drawing every day. As time passed, you straighten up and think of a common job, but one day, a life-changing event between life and death made me change my mind and realizing that what I really wanted to do is art, being 3D my main focus musical production as my main hobby.



Portugal | CG Spectrum

I always wanted to work in creative media industry the moment I started playing videogames, but just realized it was possible much later in life when I finally got the courage to start drawing. Its been quite a journey from there on :)

Ling Han


United States | Academy of Art University

When I first time to watch the Toy Story


United Kingdom | Falmouth University

I first realised I wanted to be a concept artist after watch Feng Zhu's videos on Youtube during my BA in Drawing & Applied Arts.

Alexander Tullo


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

Since I was able to hold a pencil, I would constantly be drawing. In the car, on the bus, if there was paper I would be drawing. But as I went through school, I found myself excelling at technical classes along with arts. At the 2015 NY Portfolio Review I learned about Ringling's animation dept and its mix of technicality and creativity, and I went full steam ahead to curate the perfect portfolio. After graduating with a film I couldn't be more proud of, I'm ready to make a name for myself.

Antonio Montilla


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

I first realized I wanted to work in a creative industry around end of middle school. I was always so intrigued by how cartoons and animated characters captivated our hearts, even though they were not real. Since then, I have strived to work in the animation industry, so that I could be part of something that was so important in my development.

Ashley Rosenbaum


United States | DigiPen Institute of Technology

I believe I was 12 or 13 years old when I realized that I wanted to do animation as a career and actively pursue creative media. At first I was primarily looking at film, researching and learning as much as I could about the industry. I always loved video games but didn't think about leaning into that realm until around 2016 when I realized where I lived had several companies and opportunities available. Since then, I have been trying to learn more and be a part of video game development.

Eelyn Tan


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

As a kid, I was an avid reader of Tolkien and Diana Wyne Jones, and spent more time living in the fantasy worlds that I built in my head than in the real world. I never thought I would be able to experience these worlds as anything other than daydreams, so learning how to communicate them visually in the past year and a half at school has been a gratifying experience, and I hope to be able to get better at it in the near future :)

Chen Ruo Yu


Hong Kong | Savannah College of Art and Design

I've always wanted to work in creative media, but it wasn't until I started playing around with digital art in my last year of high school and watching Feng Zhu's Youtube videos that I knew I wanted to get into concept art! Games have always been one of my favourite forms of media, so it was a natural decision to hit upon this as my career goal.

Daniel White


United States | Savannah College of Art & Design

Towards the end of high school, around the time I was learning how to draw and paint, I realized the idea of finding a "normal" job really didn't align with what I enjoyed studying. After doing some research, I learned that there were jobs where people actually got to create and tell stories. I dropped all other plans and chose to study illustration and concept art, excited by the thought of working on projects that will bring people entertainment.


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I first realized I wanted to work in this industry in Grade 9 of high school when I attended a summer institute. I took a 2 months introductory course to animation and I loved every second of it. Throughout the experience, I learned stop motion animation, cell animation, and computer animation. I especially enjoy the moment when characters turned into life when I hit the play button

Kyle Brand


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

I grew up playing with an old handy cam, making skits and stop motion/flash animations. When I got my first graphics tablet at age 16 I realised my love for digital art. From there I have been learning in my spare time and at Flinders with CDW electives. I now work as a freelance filmmaker/digital media artist while at Flinders University and study digital art & 3d at home.

Asker Markussen


Denmark | Animation Mentor

My ambition in life is to become a professional 3D animator (create life through motion). At the age of 8, I discovered video editing software and other creative software where I could express my imagination through videos, games, and images, and from the age of 12, I have worked with 3D software Cinema 4D and later Maya as my software of choice. This continued interest and growing enthusiasm makes me determined to follow a career within the animation business.


Netherlands | Breda University - IGAD - (BUAS)

We're a team of third year students at Breda University from all walks of life, each with our own passion for game development.

Tai Bennett


Australia | Flinders University / CDW Studios

The moment i realised i wanted to work in the entertainment industry was in my late high school years. Ever since then, I've been working on getting my design and illustration skills up to industry standards. I thoroughly enjoy creating characters that feel believable and making worlds for those characters to explore.

Khôi Tran


Canada | Syn Studio

I always knew I wanted to work in the video game industry but I initially chose the scientific path before realising I was really drawn into the artistic and more creative side of games. So in 2014 I started studying drawing and painting fundamentals before getting into concept art in late 2019.

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