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Rookie Awards 2021 | Career Opportunities

Kilograph Finalists

Kilograph is a leading Arch Viz Company in Alicante Spain offering a internship to an aspiring architectural visualisation artist.

Gabor Szente


United Kingdom

It took some time to realize. The first impression was when I started playing games on PC with my father and building computers together. By that time I didn't know that I would like to work in this particular industry. Then, of course, besides games, CGI started to become more complex, detailed, and realistic in movies, and at some point, it began to interest me. In the past years, I have been self-teaching myself.


Spain | School-ing

I started to gain interest in archviz back in University, so I'm trying to focus on developing my 3D modelling and rendering skills.

Alberto Navarro Sánchez


Spain | School-ing

For the past four years my professional profile has been very technical. Now I would like to shift my work towards something more artistic, expertising in modelling and rendering techniques.

Desirèe Bertè


Italy | Rainbow Academy

The first time I realized I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry was when I felt the need to express my creativity through lines, sketches, 3D models, because what I was finding online was not inspiring enough and I wanted to show the world how I can reinterpretate a project or another thing.


Sweden | Yrgo architectural visualisation

I think I´ve always known that I would work within a creative media, it´s just that I haven´t taken any serious steps towards it until last year, when I started at YRGO. I love creating new things, it can be within music, drawing or different digital medias. I always liked the idea of creating something that can effect people emotionally, and that can be seen in so many different ways, depending on who´s watching. When I starting studying I took a huge step towards my genuine interest.

Abhik R


United Kingdom | University of Kent

After finishing my Bachelor's in Architecture

Laura Fiol



In 2013 I went to Barcelona to study an architecture career. When I finished my degree, I decided to start a master's degree in archviz because when I was in my degree I realized that my true passion was to make the 3D models and start having fun "building" the virtual version of the project. I enjoyed imagining how the people could enjoy and experience the place, the room and the atmosphere. Increasingly, I am fascinated by how the vision of a place or space is different for each individual!

Oscar José Berardinelli Cañas


Colombia | Butic The New School

I am an architect and during university always liked visualization and the world of 3d but I always found myself working on other things. When the pandemic hit I lost my job and after a few months of too much free time I decided to give myself a chance at what I had always liked and I couldn't be happier to have taken this path.

Mercy Muñoz Asencio



Despite having failed the computer-aided design course (for architects), in the last of my career I started at Archviz, developing projects for friends. However, the taste for 3D software comes after seeing the behind the scenes of the music video "Only", of my favorite group, Nine Inch Nails and the VFX Reel Before/After of the movie "The Great Gatsby", there I I realized all the power that the digital world has and what can be done with a lot of creativity.



Mexico | Butic The New School

During my academic training I reached a point where I had to learn the development of visual projects for architecture or hire such a service, at first it was a self-taught learning and over time I have developed a passion for visualization and architectural design, I am currently studying the Master in Architectural Visualization at Butic Be Different.

Sara Martin Trillo


Spain | Butic The New School

I always wanted to create a new spaces to make people feel special.

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