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Rookie Awards 2021 | Rookie of the Year

Visual Effects Finalists

This category is for artists working with assets and elements that are integrated with live-action footage to create photo realistic environments, characters, sets, props, animation and effects that would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, or simply impossible to capture on film.

Funso Sylvester Dorgu



I found this out in high school 2015 when I was 14

Luc Ray


Canada | Think Tank Online ( Think tank Training Centre - ONLINE )

I have been interested in VFX for almost a decade. Only recently have I invested serious time into learning it properly.

Elmoatasem-Bellah Ragab


Canada | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

I was most inspired by my brother growing up. He was always drawing and making art in so many different mediums. Compositing was the most fascinating form of art for me. In middle school, I fondly remember trying to create a hologram effect inspired by Iron Man 3. I hit so many roadblocks! The process of problem-solving was so addictive and sent me on a spiral of online resources to expand my knowledge of visual effects. I have been in this same spiral ever since, and I couldn't be happier.

Sopon Noonurat


Thailand | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

I’m an FX Technical Director with a specialization in Houdini RBD, Fluid, Pyro, Crowd Simulation and Procedural Geometry/Shading generation for feature film visual effects. I fell in love with the process of creating photo-real simulations of actual effects.

Martin Brattensborg


Norway | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

Hello, I’m Martin! I’m a Norwegian junior FXTD who also has a generalist bachelor's degree. Last year I attended Lostboys School of Visual Effects where I further developed my FX skills and learned a lot about the creative and technical sides of a TD. I first realized I wanted to work with VFX after seeing a video online when I was 12. Ever since I’ve been working towards getting into the industry, from learning After Effects to getting my degree and having my tuition end in a year at Lostboys.

Matej Gorup


Croatia | University North

The first time I found out Zbrush was about 5 years ago during my first year of college. It was love on first sight, I immediately bought my own graphic tablet and started the journey. Hours and hours of work followed after. I was really confident about the idea to create all kind of creatures for games and movies, and as you can see now, few years later, I still persist toward my goals!

Keiya Hasegawa


Japan | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

I am a Compositor currently residing in Vancouver, BC, with over 4 years of combined international work experience in the VFX, film, and TV commercial industries. I specialize in 2D/3D Compositing, Multipass Compositing, Paint, Roto, BG Prep, and Keying.

Dorian Robert


France | ArtFx

One day I discovered the making of the planet of the apes directed by Tim Burton. Since this day I always wanted to work for the entertainment industry

Antoine Legros


Canada | ArtFX

I've always been interested by images, landscapes. As soon as I got a computer, I was really interested by digital tools, starting in 2008 with PhotoFiltre, then later using Photoshop. I started to watch more and more movies as I grew up and I really felt that it would be amazing to work on them ! that I realized I'd like very much to work in Visual Effects. I'm now working at Folks VFX as a Environment/Lighting TD !

Franziska Milius


Germany | Pixl Visn Media Arts Academy

With a background in illustration I was always passionate about character design, drawing and anatomy studies



France | ArtFX

Modeling allows me to create complete universes. Creating visually stunning and surprising images with a strong storytelling is what guides me through the creation. I am intent to work in an endless quest in order to learn and discover new things.

Aitor Echeveste


Spain | U-TAD

Since I was very young I have always felt a great attraction for the visual effects of movies.



France | ArtFx

Have you heard about a movie called "Interstellar" ? That one changed everything for me...

Seonghyeon Park


South Korea | SF Film School

After graduating from an university, I thought about what I really wanted to do and liked. I wanted to make films with my own hands, which I loved since when I was a kid (I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit series). Among of them, I felt the biggest attraction to VFX that makes imagination to a reality, so I decided to study. You can see my work in more detail.


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

Hello, I am a FX artist at SCAD! Please enjoy my showreel! Feel free to contact me by email: [email protected]

Ruben Brouns


Netherlands | Netherlands Film Academy

When my dad brought home Empire Strikes Back and I watched magic unfold before my eyes I was starstruck. From that point on I was obsessed with Star Wars and its effects. Later on, when I realized these effects were actually made by VFX Artists, I knew what path I was going to follow.



South Korea | SF filmschool

I got to know about 3D graphics from the advertising lecture in university. I was asked to research about 3D with a topic and I found out the most important thing is the audience's perspective. A good video makes the audience feel the story as if they are in the video. I find that it is not easy working as a team with different characters and under changing circumstances. However, it is also one of reasons why I want to work in 3D because making even a short video is made with a joint effort.

Thomas Eckstein


Germany | Pixl Visn Media Arts Academy

I was always fascinated with virtual worlds and how to create them. After watching countless breakdowns and behind the scenes of movies and tv shows i got even more excited about working in the 3D industry. So after a bachelor's degree in virtual- & augmented realities, i decided to pursue this passion and start my journey as a 3D artist!

Annina Weber


Germany | Think Tank Online

I knew I wanted to work in this industry when I saw that it's possible to create ...everything.

Simon Almeida


Portugal | Think Tank Online ( Think tank Training Centre - ONLINE )

I'm a graphic designer and 4 years ago I started to implement some 3d elements in my designs with cinema 4d, since then I fell deeply in love with CG and all the steps of this wonderful world. Now I can't stop. I want to know more. I want to achieve the best and create amazing art for everyone to see and enjoy.

David Kwahk


United States | Gnomon School of VFX

The earliest memories I have are of me hunched over a piece of paper drilling dragons and dinosaurs over every blank inch of white space. Art never registered as a professional path for me until my early twenties. My pursuit of academics was void of passion, and amid what felt like a midlife crisis a friend of mine introduced me to the entertainment industry. It was like I found the missing piece to my puzzle, and when I had my first taste of 3D modeling I knew this was what I was meant to do.

Seungyeon Han


South Korea | SF Filmschool

After watching Blizzard's Wow(game) Cinematic video, I thought I wanted to make a realistic video like that.

Tomas Sackmann


United Arab Emirates | Think Tank Training Centre Online

Since I am a kid I love art and design. In Argentina, I studied Industrial Design and a few years ago I had a colleague who studied at Think Tank Training Center Online and his work was amazing. The quality of his work motivated me to join the school and get into this world.

Daniel Rodriguez Cadena


Mexico | Think Tank Online

Watching all cinematics i could find on youtube, and realizing that it was someones job to make such an amazing thing.

Arash Hadavi


Iran | Think Tank Online ( Think tank Training Centre - ONLINE )

Since When I sew movies like Avatar , transformers and MCU movies about a decade ago I always dreamed to work in movies and cg industry and I still have this dream but I didn't had the chance yet .



South Korea | SF Film school

I usually enjoy watching movies and always wondered about CG. I got interested in CG industry which can give visual pleasure in 2019 while doing other things, so I started studying.

Fiona Ng


United States | Gnomon School of VFX

I was always fascinated by the art behind films, TV, and games but the idea of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry didn't come to me until I started exploring different 3d software and making my own short films and animations in architecture school.

Rick Kamp


Netherlands | Netherlands Film Academy

Visualizing my imagination by drawing, painting or building things has always been a fascination of mine. When I got older I got interested in technical subjects as well, but could not let go of my creative ambitions. After discovering VFX and the people whose work made me forget what's real and what's not, I knew I found the perfect combination of creativity and technology.

Yan Weitlauff


France | ArtFX

Edmond Boulet-Gilly


Canada | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

I am passionate about VFX and latest technologies related to digital simulations, 3D modeling, and machine learning. Being an FX TD is the perfect blend of my technical knowledge and hunger for creativity. I look forward to working on triple-A titles as an FX TD in Canada.

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