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Rookie Awards 2021 | Rookie of the Year

3D Animation Finalists

Entries should include content specifically created for feature animated films/shorts. The key is that all elements should be full CG - environments, characters, set, props, animation and effects.

Kim Hyun Jong


South Korea | Hansung University

The motion graphic field, which can even control movement, was attractive.

Hatem Elkordy


Egypt | Animation Mentor

When I was a kid I saw Toy Story 1 and I Immediately fall in love with it. I watched this movie a hundred times, it was on a video tape and I remember back then that I watch it a lot because the video tape was broken in the final 15 minutes of the movie, Even though there wasn't any subtitles but I understand everything which was weird. Later when I grew up I decided to learn more about animation as a hobby. And after a couple of tests I decided that I want to be an animator.


Sweden | ARTFX Montpellier

As a child, as soon as I started playing video games, I was amazed by the fantasy world and the colossal creatures we could find in it. My dream was to one day participate in this enterprise. I get interested in the field of 3D and programming, and eventually joined ARTFXin Montpellier. I finished these studies 6 months ago. Met a lot of precious friends, conceived a lot of projects, and now I'm working in Sweden, at ILP for 2 months I think that the "me" of 15 years ago would be proud

Carlos Sanchez


Spain | Animum3D School

Whenever I have seen any movie or video game, I wondered how it was possible to do those things with incredible realism. For me, creating worlds that do not exist and providing them with sensations that can be transmitted to different people is an incredible experience and it fills me with joy to notice that in an unknown audience. After this, I decided to enter the field of compositing VFX and lighting.

Diana Lee


United States | Academy of Art University

In 2019 I made the decision to shift careers, from computer science and programming, to animation and vfx. In Spring of 2020, I enrolled in the MA program at Academy of Art University, and in fall 2020, I narrowed my focus to lighting and joined the lighting program with Academy of Animated Art. Since then I have been working tirelessly to create, learn, and grow!

Rishikesh Nayudu


France | ArtFx

Around at the age of 16 or 17, I got to know that animation and VFX could be a career option. That's the time I made my choice to study digital arts.

Isaac Ruperez Cano


Spain | Animum

I believe it was when I was a child and I was watching cartoons on tv, when I became enamored by the humour and posibilities of animation and cinema. I have always liked drawing and writing stories, I studied art in the university even though I was going for IT at first, so that's why I ended doing 3D.

Jean-Baptiste Nollot


France | GOBELINS, l'école de l'image

My interest in the entertainment industry begin when I was a child, I remember myself watching tons of cartoons and movies... I guess It was here that it all began!

Mateo Yanez


Ecuador | UDLA

Funny fact, I always loved the creativity world, but when I graduated from high school, I wanted to be a musician, my fathers hated that idea and the only thing I liked was to draw, I enter to study a producction carreer, and when I learned about 3D, I hated, I justed want to leave that asignatures... After a lot of self learning I loved the idea to create in 3d. Share ideas with art is something beautiful, now I'm trying to make my own music compositions and 3d arts.

Vladimir Agache


Spain | FX Animation

When I first came to Spain came across with videogames and fell in love with them. Since that moment I never stopped imagining doing and creating these kinds of things as I loved drawing every day. As time passed, you straighten up and think of a common job, but one day, a life-changing event between life and death made me change my mind and realizing that what I really wanted to do is art, being 3D my main focus musical production as my main hobby.

Alexandre MOUGENOT


France | MOPA

It was during my two years degree that I realized I love the world of CGI. So I decided to study at MoPA school (Supinfocom Arles)

Marika Tamura


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

Starting from doodles and origami with my mother in my childhood, arts and crafts have always been my hobby. As I wanted to work in a team, I was attracted by the creative and collaborative environment of the animation industry when I watched a documentary about animation production in 2013.

Matthew Corsillo


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

One of my earliest memories is of my older brother showing me an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, which hooked me into an obsession with all things related to entertainment. When I was around 12 or 13 years old, I became deeply rooted in the world of animation. I was drawn in by tv shows at the time which opened my mind to the possibilities of storytelling, particularly Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time". I knew ever since that I wanted to be a part of the animation community.

Eoghann Mérouze


Canada | NAD - École des arts numériques, de l’animation et du design

I have always been fond of drawing and animated movies. I studied industrial design to become a sketch artist but it wasn’t artistic enough for me. At that time, I was already drawing a lot of characters in my spare time. Therefore, I decided to study at NAD, a digital arts school in Montreal. That's where I discovered the profession of character artist. I love the fact that I am able to give another dimension to my creations. I have been dedicating myself to this art for 2 years now.

Méline Pischedda


France | MOPA

I have always been fascinated by the world of animation. When I was little I could stay for hours in front of these movies. I still do it by the way. Today I want to create animated films to make dream the children who will see them, and make them also want to do this job too later.

Alexander Tullo


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

Since I was able to hold a pencil, I would constantly be drawing. In the car, on the bus, if there was paper I would be drawing. But as I went through school, I found myself excelling at technical classes along with arts. At the 2015 NY Portfolio Review I learned about Ringling's animation dept and its mix of technicality and creativity, and I went full steam ahead to curate the perfect portfolio. After graduating with a film I couldn't be more proud of, I'm ready to make a name for myself.

Alejandro González Moreno


Spain | Animum 3D School

When I was a child and I was watching cartoons on tv and animation films. I have always liked drawing and technology. I studied sound and image engineering in the university and finally I ended doing 3D.

Juan Carlos Mesa Machín


Spain | ANIMUM Creativity Advanced School

After more than 10 years working as Graphic Designer, I felt stuck so I've planned to leave it behind and begin a new path in 3D art. I've left my job the past summer to get involved full time to my studies in 3D Character Modeling, until October 2021 when I´ll finish.

Arash Hadavi


Iran | Think Tank Online ( Think tank Training Centre - ONLINE )

Since When I sew movies like Avatar , transformers and MCU movies about a decade ago I always dreamed to work in movies and cg industry and I still have this dream but I didn't had the chance yet .

Théo Albertini


Switzerland | ESMA Montpellier

I love drawing since my childhood ! As I became more passionate with tech over the years the VFX/Animation industry became the perfect ground to combine these passions.


Spain | Animum 3D School

I have always wanted to work as a character designer but once I started my animation degree I discovered 3D animation and realized what I really wanted to do. Before that I had never thought about the idea of becoming an animator.

Cintia Sabater Vílchez


Spain | MOPA

I was always a big fan of animation, but it wasn't until I was around 15 that I realised it was something I could make a career out of. I started studying a 3D animation and VFX degree in Barcelona (Universitat Ramón Llull, La Salle), but on third year I moved to France and finished my studies at École MoPa, where I just graduated!

Shailyn Farmer


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

Art and animation has interested me since I was younger. I think I first realized I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry once I realized people created the movies and games I was so invested in. I thought it was so cool, creating worlds and stories that were entertaining and endearing to people, and having the ability to make these stories real was something I wanted to pursue.

Zishu Xiang


United States | School of Visual Arts

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