Rookie Awards 2019 | Film of the Year

Visual Effects

Films created by both teams and individuals that include live action visual effects used to help tell a story, add that wow factor, or include live action footage.

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On behalf of the sponsors and judges, The Rookies would like to congratulate the following caetgory winners.


Matias Heker - DOWNFALL


Downfall is a live action VFX short about an astronaut who is injured after escaping from an alien planet. As he crawls from the wreckage of his capsule, he remembers the traumatic events that caused him to crash-land.

Runner Up

Baptiste Jaquemet - // ARTFX OFFICIEL // TRAIL OF LIGHT


A contemplative journey throughout the steps of world's creation, inspired by an old Native Americans legend from the Pawnee tribe

Highly Commended



ZARAE is a short film in full CG made as part of an end-of-study project at New3dge School.
For my part, I was in charge of creating the environments, lighting, rendering and compositing.

Highly Commended

Sarah Andrews - JERICH0


Jericho is a VFX short film, in which a lonely robot searches for pieces to build a friend...

Produced by a team of 12 3rd year students at Escape Studios, over 12 weeks.

Highly Commended

Kevin Rogovits - Unknown - Short Film

Unknown - Short Film

ArtFx // Unknown - Graduation Film 2018

Pr. John Becker et Dr. Nick Harmon, two dedicated and passionated scientists, will discover the mysteries of a cave, light years away from Earth, that is capable of supporting life.

Highly Commended

Melanie Geley - Terra Nova - Short film

Terra Nova - Short film

ARTFX // Terra Nova - 2018 Graduation Film //
Trough the eyes of the captain Robert Falcon Scott we discover the conquest of the south pôle between the British and the Norwegians in 1910.

Directed by Thomas Battistetti, Mickael Le Mezo, Melanie Geley and Guillaume Hoarau.

People's Choice

Juan Erostique - MIRAI


"MIRAI" 100 years ahead in time, we can see the old garage of a mechanic where he keeps his old friend, a robot model T-LOW 91. The 4th WW Robots Agreement has been just broken, now robots and nuclear weaponry are allowed again. Robots will have to meet up for what the future may bring.

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sort after Excellence Awards and Draft Selection badges.

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Category Brief

These films should be all about visual effects that have been integrated with live action footage. The judges are looking for stories where you have used visual effects seamlessly with plates that you have shot. It’s not all about the big visual effects shots here, the judges will be really looking out for impressive subtle effects that have been created to help tell the story.

Important Notes

  • The judges will be reviewing complete short film or trailers, not assets or other elements that will be used in a film that hasn’t been released yet.
  • If your film in currently doing the rounds in a Short Film Festival, please include a password so the judges can view your work privately.
  • Make sure to include breakdowns and any detailed information that will explain how the effects were done.
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