Rookie Awards 2020 | Studio Internships

Epic Games

For over 25 years, Epic Games has been making award-winning games and engine technology. 10 entrants will win a telephone interview with the talent team looking for hire applicants for Fall 2020.

Submissions closed on 1 Jun 2020
Epic Games
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On behalf of the sponsors and judges, The Rookies would like to congratulate the following caetgory winners.


Stephen Alexander Falk


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

For my entire life, I have been a prolific and enthusiastic artist. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve combined my artistic skill with my love of technology and found what I hope to be my life’s work: game art and design. I am very social and enjoy collaborating with others. I take direction well and, if given the opportunity, love to lead. As a result, I’ve learned to actively listen, focus on my role in a project, remain sensitive to others’ responsibilities and complete projects on time and beyond ex


Lola Zhang


United States | Art Center College of Design



Junliang Zhang


United States | University of Utah

Honestly, I have been playing video games for over 15 years since I was a kid. Especially, I really like AAA games because the AAA games stand for high-quality graphics and gameplay, which gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas to create awesome environments on my own. Therefore, my true interest is game art.


Vinay Bhardwaj


United States | Gnomon School of Visual Effects

About me - I am Vinay Bhardwaj ,a 3D Character artist with a focus in Character and props development for video games. I am currently studying at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. My interests include playing video games, Board Games and Passionately listening to music. My main goal in this industry is to one day contribute my skills to the development of large video game titles and to open a studio after gaining experience and to learn different pipelines of game studios.


Kevin Chiu


United States | Savannah College of Art and Design

I am a visual storyteller. I have stories I want to paint and present to the world.



Canada | Think Tank Training Centre

I initially started as a 2D artist and received a diploma in 2D Animation and Design. Afterward I studied VFX for film for a year before deciding that I wanted to work within the games industry. I began the diploma program at Think Tank Training Centre and finished an Environment for Games demo reel.


Sean Gardner


United States | Gnomon School of VFX, Games, and Animation

I realized I wanted to be in the Entertainment Industry while I was attending Cal Poly Pomona for Computer Science and Graphic Design. I was apprehensive for awhile about my career choices right out of school. I discovered Gnomon while attending one of my college courses and took a couple online classes and it ignited a passion for trying to create the most cinematic visuals possible. It made me think I can be part of an industry that would make me want to work rather than work for what I want.


Ben S Meng


United States | Academy of Art University

Ever since I was a kid, I immersed myself in the fun of playing video games with my NES, scribbling comics, and making up stories of my toys.

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sort after Excellence Awards and Draft Selection badges.

xaviminguell (Draft Selection) View Entry
qlfks26 (Excellence Award) View Entry
rmaxwel1 (Excellence Award) View Entry
jeanne (Rookie of the Year - People's Choice) View Entry
sabinabystrom (Excellence Award) View Entry
dawbatog (Excellence Award) View Entry
mattiasvandensaffele (Excellence Award) View Entry
elbarbaa (Excellence Award) View Entry
kylebrand (Draft Selection) View Entry
nickgolden (Draft Selection) View Entry
bensmengart (Excellence Award) View Entry
dakotacurry (Draft Selection) View Entry
wilhdurand (Excellence Award) View Entry
verenald (Excellence Award) View Entry
jorgeyep95 (Draft Selection) View Entry
sebastiandroland (Draft Selection) View Entry
alsaravia (Excellence Award) View Entry
sebastiandroland (Excellence Award) View Entry
nikhilkedige (Draft Selection) View Entry
viktorpecsi (Draft Selection) View Entry
atharva0070 (Draft Selection) View Entry
sodash (Excellence Award) View Entry
jeanmathieuwalker (Draft Selection) View Entry
bensmengart (Draft Selection) View Entry
vicbel (Excellence Award) View Entry
kevinle0504 (Excellence Award) View Entry
hyang41 (Draft Selection) View Entry
barneyiii (Draft Selection) View Entry
lauredhooge (Draft Selection) View Entry
stevenzyz (Draft Selection) View Entry
hkdabhiya (Excellence Award) View Entry
danielcabello (Excellence Award) View Entry
redteapanda (Excellence Award) View Entry
marvinhuth (Draft Selection) View Entry
shubhamlakhotia (Draft Selection) View Entry
jayblencowe (Excellence Award) View Entry
julesdarriulat (Excellence Award) View Entry
alex5130siedlarek (Excellence Award) View Entry
lennylennbo (Draft Selection) View Entry
alexnic (Excellence Award) View Entry
zzzkayy (Draft Selection) View Entry
inkasprout (Draft Selection) View Entry
paulinaryb (Excellence Award) View Entry
kevinle0504 (Draft Selection) View Entry
bethanyfox (Excellence Award) View Entry
hkdabhiya (Rookie of the Year - People's Choice) View Entry
josegarcia (Draft Selection) View Entry
buair (Draft Selection) View Entry
shubhamlakhotia (Excellence Award) View Entry
nickjjscott (Draft Selection) View Entry
ixgamestudio (Draft Selection) View Entry
ordanicu (Excellence Award) View Entry
jameshyun (Draft Selection) View Entry
viktorpecsi (Excellence Award) View Entry
sodash (Draft Selection) View Entry
mabelvalorche (Excellence Award) View Entry
tyler (Draft Selection) View Entry
tyshe (Excellence Award) View Entry
dprosyannikova (Draft Selection) View Entry
blazs91 (Draft Selection) View Entry
edoardotiziani (Excellence Award) View Entry
hkdabhiya (Rookie of the Year - Highly Commended) View Entry
wilhdurand (Draft Selection) View Entry
mawluna (Excellence Award) View Entry
peterkostov (Draft Selection) View Entry
joetaylorart (Excellence Award) View Entry
hyang41 (Excellence Award) View Entry
chani (Draft Selection) View Entry
jingyu07 (Draft Selection) View Entry
vicbel (Draft Selection) View Entry
manisalguero (Draft Selection) View Entry
dagmawi1tsegaye (Excellence Award) View Entry
airoamer (Draft Selection) View Entry
nghiduong (Draft Selection) View Entry
kritical (Excellence Award) View Entry
marvinhuth (Excellence Award) View Entry
fooyijuin (Draft Selection) View Entry
franvergara (Draft Selection) View Entry
kampat (Excellence Award) View Entry
gallardodigital (Excellence Award) View Entry
bjyunn07 (Excellence Award) View Entry
edoardotiziani (Draft Selection) View Entry
chellewwxy (Draft Selection) View Entry
jzhao (Excellence Award) View Entry
danielcabello (Draft Selection) View Entry
xyw (Excellence Award) View Entry
ngthchau (Draft Selection) View Entry
julesdarriulat (Draft Selection) View Entry
calistakl7 (Excellence Award) View Entry
dnompal (Excellence Award) View Entry
ziwuxin (Draft Selection) View Entry
mrtapa (Excellence Award) View Entry
jeffcattie (Draft Selection) View Entry
pablogsz (Draft Selection) View Entry
mawluna (Draft Selection) View Entry
ggrifell7 (Draft Selection) View Entry
tristantringuyen (Draft Selection) View Entry
nghiduong (Excellence Award) View Entry
verenald (Draft Selection) View Entry
anhleart012 (Draft Selection) View Entry
manisalguero (Excellence Award) View Entry
iriberri (Excellence Award) View Entry
nellanaj (Excellence Award) View Entry
joetaylorart (Draft Selection) View Entry
hkdabhiya (Draft Selection) View Entry
louisjsullivan (Excellence Award) View Entry
ngthchau (Draft Selection) View Entry
kar241 (Draft Selection) View Entry
kelkes (Excellence Award) View Entry
calistakl7 (Draft Selection) View Entry
lennylennbo (Excellence Award) View Entry
gallardodigital (Draft Selection) View Entry
antoinejoly (Draft Selection) View Entry
shanjiwang (Excellence Award) View Entry
jayblencowe (Draft Selection) View Entry
xaviminguell (Excellence Award) View Entry
stevenzyz (Excellence Award) View Entry
airoamer (Rookie of the Year - Highly Commended) View Entry
felibulous (Draft Selection) View Entry
giahanlam (Draft Selection) View Entry
kellandwyer (Excellence Award) View Entry
xandra (Excellence Award) View Entry
jaymart (Excellence Award) View Entry
dakotacurry (Excellence Award) View Entry
benben (Draft Selection) View Entry
tomturner (Excellence Award) View Entry
medcalfw (Rookie of the Year - Highly Commended) View Entry
danielwild (Excellence Award) View Entry
tylerklimekartist (Draft Selection) View Entry
chani (Excellence Award) View Entry
jonathanwenberg (Draft Selection) View Entry
04b (Excellence Award) View Entry
stevenzyz (Excellence Award) View Entry
brojorge (Draft Selection) View Entry
dahyun (Draft Selection) View Entry
michaelyang0627 (Excellence Award) View Entry
benben (Excellence Award) View Entry
bensmengart (Draft Selection) View Entry
tyler (Excellence Award) View Entry
justuss (Excellence Award) View Entry
arshad (Draft Selection) View Entry
blazs91 (Rookie of the Year - Runner Up) View Entry
duncanli (Draft Selection) View Entry
qlfks26 (Draft Selection) View Entry
inkasprout (Excellence Award) View Entry
jeremyfache (Draft Selection) View Entry
ixgamestudio (Game of the Year - People's Choice) View Entry
issawilson (Draft Selection) View Entry
felibulous (Rookie of the Year - Highly Commended) View Entry
gardom (Draft Selection) View Entry
javierpedreno (Draft Selection) View Entry
saikoken (Excellence Award) View Entry
jeremyfache (Excellence Award) View Entry
sergiranzo (Excellence Award) View Entry
zefan13 (Draft Selection) View Entry
iriberri (Draft Selection) View Entry
ramonschauer (Draft Selection) View Entry
justuss (Draft Selection) View Entry
dprosyannikova (Draft Selection) View Entry
kbuck3d (Excellence Award) View Entry
yonlee (Draft Selection) View Entry
usul (Draft Selection) View Entry
charlieadamsvfx (Excellence Award) View Entry
mammmagina (Excellence Award) View Entry
ramonschauer (Excellence Award) View Entry
jameshyun (Excellence Award) View Entry
dahyun (Excellence Award) View Entry
blazs91 (Excellence Award) View Entry
javierpedreno (Excellence Award) View Entry
ezhurst (Excellence Award) View Entry
antonioserrano (Excellence Award) View Entry
abhi1 (Draft Selection) View Entry
dermott (Excellence Award) View Entry
timmy (Draft Selection) View Entry
alishamakwana (Excellence Award) View Entry
antoinejoly (Excellence Award) View Entry
danielwild (Draft Selection) View Entry
shelbypogue (Draft Selection) View Entry
rinnerroo (Draft Selection) View Entry
stevenzyz (Excellence Award) View Entry
jonathanwenberg (Excellence Award) View Entry
nortoncmn (Excellence Award) View Entry
batsbronsveld (Excellence Award) View Entry
ggrifell7 (Excellence Award) View Entry
ruoyuart (Draft Selection) View Entry
thuyanhle (Excellence Award) View Entry
alex5130siedlarek (Draft Selection) View Entry
shanjiwang (Draft Selection) View Entry
jayblencowe (Rookie of the Year - Runner Up) View Entry
chellewwxy (Excellence Award) View Entry
kylebrand (Excellence Award) View Entry
ihazart (Excellence Award) View Entry
aaugustuz (Excellence Award) View Entry
timmy (Excellence Award) View Entry
dloop (Excellence Award) View Entry
jorgeyep95 (Excellence Award) View Entry
josegarcia (Excellence Award) View Entry
davidegordon (Draft Selection) View Entry
crodimation (Draft Selection) View Entry
gmsphoto96 (Excellence Award) View Entry
sirkats (Draft Selection) View Entry
usul (Excellence Award) View Entry
rav4 (Excellence Award) View Entry
nortoncmn (Draft Selection) View Entry
bensmengart (Draft Selection) View Entry
jingyu07 (Excellence Award) View Entry
zzzkayy (Excellence Award) View Entry
tenzaart (Excellence Award) View Entry
medcalfw (Draft Selection) View Entry
jzhao (Draft Selection) View Entry
lorelai (Draft Selection) View Entry
medcalfw (Excellence Award) View Entry
brandondownes (Excellence Award) View Entry
batsbronsveld (Draft Selection) View Entry
tristantringuyen (Excellence Award) View Entry
alishamakwana (Draft Selection) View Entry
kar241 (Excellence Award) View Entry
nickgolden (Excellence Award) View Entry
ruoyuart (Excellence Award) View Entry
duncanli (Excellence Award) View Entry
felibulous (Excellence Award) View Entry
angelajeong (Draft Selection) View Entry
shelbypogue (Excellence Award) View Entry
pablogsz (Excellence Award) View Entry
nickgrossman (Excellence Award) View Entry
yonlee (Excellence Award) View Entry
jeanne (Excellence Award) View Entry
jennywang (Draft Selection) View Entry
joshuachanarts (Draft Selection) View Entry
michaelyang0627 (Draft Selection) View Entry
peterkostov (Excellence Award) View Entry
jaymart (Draft Selection) View Entry
airipan (Draft Selection) View Entry
airoamer (Excellence Award) View Entry
kelkes (Draft Selection) View Entry
nikhilkedige (Excellence Award) View Entry
ezhurst (Draft Selection) View Entry
louisjsullivan (Draft Selection) View Entry
stratisconceptart (Draft Selection) View Entry
dprosyannikova (Excellence Award) View Entry
batsbronsveld (Internship - Winner) View Entry
franvergara (Excellence Award) View Entry
gparente (Draft Selection) View Entry
owainb (Draft Selection) View Entry
joshuachanarts (Excellence Award) View Entry
lauredhooge (Excellence Award) View Entry
dnompal (Draft Selection) View Entry
giahanlam (Excellence Award) View Entry
marcfuster (Excellence Award) View Entry
nellanaj (Draft Selection) View Entry
issawilson (Excellence Award) View Entry
dermott (Draft Selection) View Entry
inkasprout (Rookie of the Year - Highly Commended) View Entry
gparente (Excellence Award) View Entry
blackhartfilms (Draft Selection) View Entry
peterctang (Draft Selection) View Entry
elbarbaa (Draft Selection) View Entry
alsaravia (Draft Selection) View Entry
armandandrade (Excellence Award) View Entry
mabelvalorche (Draft Selection) View Entry
alexnic (Draft Selection) View Entry
jeanne (Draft Selection) View Entry
ryanthomasonjones (Draft Selection) View Entry
bmelasi (Excellence Award) View Entry
dloop (Draft Selection) View Entry
kampat (Draft Selection) View Entry

Category Brief

Epic Games spans across 12 countries with 32 studios and 1,800+ employees globally. For over 25 years, we’ve been making award-winning games and engine technology that empowers others to make visually stunning games and 3D content that bring environments to life like never before. Epic’s award-winning Unreal Engine technology not only provides game developers the ability to build high-fidelity, interactive experiences for PC, console, mobile and VR, it is also a tool being embraced by content creators across a variety of industries such as media and entertainment, automotive and architectural design. As we continue to build our Engine technology and develop remarkable games, we strive to build teams of world-class talent.

10 x Winners of this contest will win a telephone interview with the Epic Games internship team who are looking to fill internship placements Fall 2020. This is an incredible opportunity to launch your career in Game Design & Development. There is no guarantee of an internship or full time employment, however there are placements on offer so anything is possible with the right portfolio and passion.

Interns at Epic are fully embedded with our teams, working on real-world problems and challenging projects in gaming. You will learn alongside our strongest leads and mentors, contributing to actual deliverables in a production environment, with a high expectation to succeed. We offer interns a competitive package that includes pay, relocation assistance and housing benefits. Our studios offer additional perks like catered meals, memorable events, and lots of Epic swag.


  • Must be motivated to work on AAA games.
  • Must be able to complete the internship during Fall 2020.
  • Must be an active student or recent graduate within 6 months.

Requirements & Deliveries

  • You must create a single entry page that includes all your best work.
  • Include strong examples of game design and development work in your entry.
  • Share your passion for games and the skills you could bring to a company.

Judging Criteria

The judges are looking for artists that are ready for the challenges of production. The judges will be considering your overall presentation, technical skills, creative skills, variety of content, and employment potential. Treat your entry like a job interview. You have one page to show how amazing your skills are.

Prize Details

  • 10 x phone interviews with recruitment team.
  • No guarantee of internship.

How to enter

  1. Read the Rules. Don’t worry, there isn’t too much lawyer talk in there. Quick Link.
  2. Create an Entry using the button below.
  3. Select Epic Games during application process.

Need some help? Watch this video demonstration to help make sure you create the best entry possible.

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