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Rookie Awards 2019 | Rookie of the Year

3D Animation Finalists

Entries should include content specifically created for feature animated films/shorts. The key is that all elements should be full CG - environments, characters, set, props, animation and effects. Projects should be stylised similar to popular Pixar and Dreamworks movies.

Juan Fer Bravo


Mexico | Vancouver Film School

The first time I new I wanted to be part of this industry was when I was finishing High School 6 years ago and I was unsure about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, drawing has always been one of my passions but after watching the pixar documentary I knew I had to be part of this amazing industry where I´ll be able to be myself and create more. After finishing my bachelor degree in Design, last year I did the 3D animation program where I was formally introduced to the Industry .

Ayoub Moulakhnif


Morocco | AnimSchool

I've been drawing and watching a lot of cartoons when I was a kid, one day I realized there is a possibility to turn my hobby into a profession, so I decided to become a storyteller.

Javier Pedreño


Spain | Think Tank Online ( Think tank Training Centre - ONLINE )

Since I was very young I have loved to draw and create characters. When I discovered that I could work doing that, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

Marina Chikaliuk


Ukraine | AnimSchool

Once I draw characters and my husband suggested that it could be fun to make a cartoon with them. After that we realized that we have never thought and even never heard about this profession: Animator! Since then and till today we're constantly learning how to make characters alive :)

Albert Liemington Lie


Singapore | 3dsense Media School

As a fresh graduate from high school, I did not exactly know what I wanted to do. I attend university in the field computer games development only due to my hobby in video games. In University I was exposed into the real world, learning a lot of new things. It was incredibly difficult for me to attain a position in the creative industry upon graduation since I did not have a professional demo reel, which was why I decided to attend 3dSense Media.


United Kingdom | AnimSchool

5 years ago discovered by chance that I can create art on a computer instead of paper, started to learn 3D and never looked back



I have been in contact with arts since i can remember. Always loved to draw but was until i went to collage that I discovered digital arts and I instantly knew that I wanted to do that! Later discovered Zbrush and digital sculpting and never stopped since then!

Jeremy Schaefer


United States | Ringling College of Art and Design

In high school I started messing around with cameras and visual effects. Two YouTube channels named Freddiew and Corridor Digital both heavily inspired me to just pick up a camera and make something.

Jenna Spurlock


United States | School of Visual Arts

I grew up in Orlando, Florida next to Walt Disney World; so from a very young age I was able to observe the influence of animation to a wide audience of people of all ages. I was always passionate about the arts and studied painting for a few years before realizing that my ultimate dream is to create animated films and portray my love for both storytelling and visual art into a full-time career.

Andrea Savchenko


United States | Think Tank Training Centre

I have been drawing and taking photos for as far as I can remember, filling up boxes and boxes of art. There is really nothing else I can see myself doing. I discovered 3D art a few years ago and developed a passion for it: I've been happily expressing myself through modeling and texturing ever since.


United States | Academy of Art University

In 2016 when I first came to SF from South Korea!!

Kim Strandli


Denmark | The Animation Workshop

Ever since my mom gave me access to Photoshop at age 8, I've wanted to learn as many creative tools as possible, as a way to distract myself from my home village where I didn't fit in. Even making DVD menus using Adobe Encore age 12 (for fun!). I eventually got my hands on 3DS Max, and it put me on a trajectory away from home, in the possibilities it opened up,and the communities I suddenly felt I belonged to. The enjoyment I've gotten from this medium made it impossible to want anything else.

YuanTing Chao


United States | School of Visual Arts

The year I graduate from college.


United Kingdom | Escape Studios

All the exposure to the wonders of visual mediums in Film, Games, Cartoons and Comics rubbed off on me in the long run!


Japan | Think Tank Online

Mehmet Tayfur Türkmenoğlu


Turkey | Yıldız Technical University

I' ve been always drawing ever since I could remember. After attending high school, I noticed that this is my passion and the job that I could make a difference.

Robbin van den Broek



I was in high school and I had been drawing, writing and coming up with characters for as long as I could remember. For a while though, I had been in doubt whether I should focus on drawing or storytelling. When I learned character animation was an actual job, something clicked, and I knew what I wanted to do. Ever since I have been working hard to become the best animator I can be.



My brother was doing an education in 3D animation and when I saw what that was like I was hooked. I started out with the basics but slowly started focussing on character animation, and have been working to get better ever since.

Tom Keijer


Netherlands | Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Back in my first year in school I started discovering sculpting and loved it ever since. Visualizing and interpreting from a 2D concept is what I love to do the most.

Kristina Tsenova


United Kingdom | Glasgow Caledonian University

I am a visual storyteller and I have always been. Ever since I was a little kid I loved drawing, painting, reading, re-watching my favorite films 100 times and consequently creating my own stories. My life has grown around those passions of mine, I constantly explore different mediums and styles and I search for the best way to tell meaningful stories.


United States | Carnegie Mellon University

The entertainment industry is for me, being able to connect with people all around the world through stories.


Canada | Seneca College

Attended an open house for a 3D animation program and knew I wanted to do it ever since.

Dan Lipson


United States | Gnomon School of VFX, Games, and Animation

In undergrad studying computer science and informatics, I missed being a part of storytelling. After looking into animation and spending time with oil paints, I learned more about the entertainment industry. I helped me realized that there are opportunities to be a part of the storytelling process while staying rooted in what I love about traditional media, translating sight/observation and exploring the emergent properties of the artistic medium.

Blackmagic Design
Chaos Group
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Electric Theatre Collective
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