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Angela Matinong

About: Angela “Jing” Matinong was born and raised in the desert city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At age 5, Angela picked up a Reynold’s blue ballpoint pen and voraciously doodled on phonebooks, post its, and tissues. 13 years later, Angela discovered passion for digital painting and earned recognition for “Most Outstanding Creative Work on Digital Painting Workflow” in SAE Dubai and subsequently studied formal concept art training at Max The Mutt College of Animation Art & Design, Toronto, Canada. Prior to graduation, Angela’s online article of her Tekkonkinkreet redesign was featured on “The Rookies” online magazine.

Angela is a dedicated individual whose artistry runs the gamut of both 2D and 3D concept art.  She is zealous about painting characters, props and environments in Photoshop painting, and has knowledge with Maya or 3Ds Max prop modelling. Her fine art training encompasses pencils, charcoal and oil painting. Angela strives to execute novel compositions and ideas, thus offers a fresh variety to the table.

Growing up with multiple cultures, her designs are derived from asian roots and oriental/ western influences. Angela is passionate about history, weaponry, sci-fi, comics, the list goes on and ultimately aims to design for the top game, film or animation studios in the future.
Category: Illustration
Location: Canada, Toronto
School: Max The Mutt College Of Animation Art Design
Skills: 3ds Max, Concept Art, Digital Painting, Maya, Photoshop,

  • 2017, Homepage
  • Digital Illustration

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