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Ana Diaz

About: I’m a 2D animator and an illustrator. Before coming to Vancouver Film School I was an illustrator really interested in animation and cinema. I`ve always loved the way in which a movie can move the audience. My major interest was story boarding, since one of my passions is story telling. It’s really interesting watching movies, reading comics and trying to dissect and identify the way in which they use composition, colors and other resources to tell a story, communicate a feeling or create an atmosphere.

During my time at VFS I feel in love with animation and movement. Now I find myself really enjoying and trying to improve both as an Animator and as a Story Board artist. I have also realized that getting better at one either also helps me improve my skills in the other. Since animation is so demanding I have found that I have greatly improved as an illustrator.
Category: Animation
Location: Canada, Vancouver
School: Vancouver Film School
Skills: , Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Classical Animation, Fluent English, Ink Brush, Pen Ink Illustration, Print Making, Screen Printing, Spanish, Toon Boom Harmony, Watercolors,
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  • 2017
  • Anim

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