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Rookie of the Year – Visual Effects - Winners 2018

Congratulations to the following winners selected by
the official judging team.
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Rookie of the Year – Winner
Asad Manzoor

When I was 7, I’d find myself messing around in Photoshop 6.0 using the family computer — ever since then, I was hooked. Andrew Kramer’s VideoCopilot tutorials had a huge impact on me around that time (and still do to this day). Throughout highschool, I took any tech/media course I could squeeze into my schedule. In my senior year, I finally decided that this was the industry for me, and began devoting all of my free time to learning art fundamentals and 3D principles through various tutorials and books. As of 2017, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t been up before sunrise, hammering away at a character, scene, or digital painting.

Canada, Mississauga | Sheridan College, York/Sheridan Bachelor of Design
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Rookie of the Year – Runner Up

I love Hollywood movies. I met 3DCG at the university. My dream is to be an artist that works in Hollywood movies VFX production. I’m currently working as a compositor in Japanese VFX production. But I also do personal work besides my work. I’m doing my best to work at Hollywood movies VFX production.

Japan, Tokyo | Kyoto University of art and design, Character Design
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Judges Comments

Professional level work! All of these are extremely valuable candidates for the VFX workforce.
Duarte Elv
It is extremely hard to have preferences in such amazing selection.
Audrey Ferrara
Everybody this year should be very proud – some really incredible work on all fronts.
Sol Rogers
Again, super inspired by the different types of work on offer this year from the finalists. They should all be very proud!
Carrie Mok

People’s Choice Award

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I come from Mexico City. Since I was young I was really interested and passionate about how big movies where made, that made jump into the digital arts and explore every field of it. I started doing my very own 3D projects when I was very young, and now, almost ten years later, I’m studying 3D animation and visual effects, doing what I always wanted and closer to the industry than I thought I would ever be.

Mexico, Mexico City | Vancouver Film School, 3D Animation and Visual Effects
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