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Internships - Winners 2018

Congratulations to the following winners selected by
the official judging team.
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Digital Illustration – Weta Digital Winner
Katinka Thorondor

My name is Katinka, and I am an aspiring fantasy and animal digital artist heralding from Australia. I enjoy vivid colours and backlighting. I really like those sparkly dust mote things in sunbeams, and I’m a lover of the smell (and sight) of rain.
I grew up in a country house in rural Queensland, branching into digital illustration a number of years ago. The digital format allowed me to work from a regional location and connect with other artists all over the world.

Australia, Brisbane | CG Spectrum, Diploma of Concept Art and Illustration
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Game Development – Monolith Productions Winner
Martin Pietras

Art and Design have always been an important part of my personal growth.
As Designers we are tasked with finding creative solutions to the issues in our field. When solving design issues the best moments are the Eureka moments, a culmination of experience, luck, and trial and error.

United States, Seattle | Rochester Institute of Technology, 3D Digital Design
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Game Development – NetherRealm Studios Winner
Julian Elwood

Hi! My name is Julian Elwood. I’m an artist studying at Gnomon school of visual effects. I love creating works that, while focused on the mundane, are still outrageous in the fantastical. I constantly work to improve myself as an artist and the industry I am in.

United States, Los Angeles | Gnomon, Game Design Track
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Game Development – Plastic Wax Winner
Angela Sae-Lam

I had always loved watching behind the scenes footage – seeing people from all kinds of disciplines come together to create something – but it didn’t occur to me that I could be doing it as I had never saw anyone of my background do it. I began my tertiary education as a mish-mash of things – wanting to placate my parents but also learn more about ways of the world and its people.

Australia, Sydney | Academy of interactive Entertainment, Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media
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Game Development – Ninja Theory Winner
Jonas Roscinas

One of the first things that peaked my interest in 3D world was the Shrek and Toy Story movies when I was around 10 years old. I was using Flash MX ever since I was a small kid, but then I started to look into how these 3D movies are made. Since 2014 I have been extensively freelancing, this way improving my skills and earning enough money to pay for my rent.

United Kingdom, Bournemouth | Arts University Bournemouth, Model-Making
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Game Development – Ninja Theory Winner
Aleksandra Jankowska

I remember watching my 8 years older sister playing ‘The Longest Journey’. There’s this one particular scene where the main character enters a portal to another world, screen fills with light and colours – I remember thinking it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and that was the exact moment when I decided I wanted to make games. It’s a horribly cheesy story but unfortunately it’s true.

United Kingdom, Hatfield | University of Hertfordshire, 3D Games Art & Design
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Visual Effects – Electric Theatre Collective Winner
Alison Roberts

Growing up a self-taught artist inspired by my steady diet of too many Disney/Pixar movies and way too many comics, I always knew I wanted to bring that same sense of wonder, imagination, and escapism to others in the same way. I love creating cinematic experiences that have real emotional impact, and I’m constantly working to drive towards this goal- whether I’m studying on my own or collaborating and working with others in a team!

United States, Los Angeles | Gnomon, CG Generalist
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Visual Effects – CVDVFX Winner
Vitor Libardi

I am a Compositor residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I specialize in 2D / 3D Compositing, BG Prep, Keying and CG Integration. I am a Canadian Permanent Resident.

Canada, Vancouver | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects, Advanced Visual Effects Compositing
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Visual Effects – Method Studio Winner
Aden Beaver

I’m a recent graduate focused on digital illustration, graphic design for print and digital mediums, as well as visual effects for film and art installations. All my work is characterised by my passion, shown through attention to precise detail and a drive to push my work in new directions. I take inspiration from a mix of classical art movements and modern design methods.

Australia, Adelaide | Flinders University / CDW Studios, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media)
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Visual Effects – Method Studio Winner
Jessica O’Neill

I am a confident modeller and texture artist, aspiring to become a prominent creature designer. I have continued professional development after completing university, including a course on anatomy for production, and am currently enrolled in a creature and animal anatomy sculpting course (Sculpting Anatomy: From Animal to Creature with Gael Kerchenbaum); the field which I endeavour to specialise in throughout my career. Between my degree and continued studies I have also been involved in lecturing final year students in visual effects and dynamics.

Australia, Melbourne | CGMasters Academy, Anatomy for Production
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Visual Effects – Trixter Winner
Oliver Crawford

I am a young, enthusiastic 3D artist, with a growing passion for development and creation of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and visual effects (VFX). I am currently enrolled in the Animation Bachelors Degree at Ravensbourne College. Here I have developed a strong generalist ability, with my strengths lying in character animation, lighting, dynamic simulations and rendering.

United Kingdom, London | Ravensbourne, Animation BA
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Visual Effects – Axis Animation
Kylian Zannettacci

As far as i can remember , i have always loved cinema , i have always been fascinated by monsters and creatures or realistic human modeling we can find in recent movies. Competent in sculpting texturing and modeling in general, I did a school of 3d since two years . i have learn sculpt and 3d in general , but i was specialized in sculpting. During my free time i practice fitness and play rugby.

France, Grenoble | ARIES, bachelors 3d
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