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Rookie of the Year – Feature Animation - Winners 2018

Congratulations to the following winners selected by
the official judging team.
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Rookie of the Year – Winner
Alvaro Zabala

Hey there! I am 3D Modeler and texture artist from Madrid (Spain), my interest into CG wasn’t as straightforward as other people; I always loved art, drawing, video games and miniatures. I feel that when the time came for me to aim my focus into a field that I was passionate about CG was the perfect mix of all my interests, both professionally and personally. I’m really happy with my experience so far and can’t wait for what the future of the industry has to bring.

Spain, Madrid | Gnomon, Certificate in Digital Production
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Rookie of the Year – Runner Up
Aldric Ian Lopez Vergara Anaya

My name is Aldric, I’m a passionate storyteller from Mexico, who simply just loves animation. My dream is to bring characters to life along side the most talented and greatest storytellers and animators in the world. Since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved to create stories through animation, whether it was by drawing on the edge of my notebooks or playing around with my Dad’s camera doing stop motion movies with my toys. I continued this interest throughout my highschool years learning and doing some short 3D animations as well.

Mexico, Vancouver | AnimSchool, 3D Animation
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Judges Comments

Outstanding submissions as usual for The Rookies competition. Students all over the world have demonstrated the amazing ideas and the quality of their work that they could develop in industry. Very satisfying animations. Colours, textures, light… an authentic festival of talented applicants.
Alberto Villanueva Galindo
The quality of the work of all finalists is very high and strong. The amount of good work produced is astonishing. It was hard to choose my top 3. I am very sure ever single finalist will make their way within the industry
Viktoria Piechowitz
I am very impressed with the quality of all the entries. It was really hard to make choices and it took me a long time. Well done to each single one finalist, the work speaks for itself!
Audrey Ferrara
I was very impressed with all the entrants – you should all be proud of the work you’ve put together thus far. People submitted across a range of experience levels but all had something interesting about them. Keep up the great work, and never stop delving into both ways to achieve your visions as well as what those visions are!
Cliff Schonewill

People’s Choice Award
Zeinab (Zana) Farran

Voted by the general public using our Facebook Gallery voting system.

Born to an artist, I’ve always enjoyed and found my self to be passionate about Art in all forms. One of the first things that I love about 3D is its ability to create and make a fictional world come to life and its capacity to enhance the creative storytelling within fictional worlds, and Pixar’s “UP” was one of the films that have inspired me to shift my education from Graphic Design to 3D Animation.

Canada, Vancouver | Vancouver Film School, 3D Animation and Visual Effects
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