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Rookie of the Year – 3D Motion Graphics - Winners 2018

Congratulations to the following winners selected by
the official judging team.
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Rookie of the Year – Winner
Uladzimir Bahatyrevich

Hi, my name is Vlad and I’m a multidisciplinary European-American artist, designer and animator specializing in motion graphics and CGI animation. The biggest drive and motivation for me has always been to inspire people. I always enjoyed using art as a form of language and find a motion design medium as one of the most effective and compelling communication methods in our society today. Cohesive treatment of typography, imagery and motion supported by a visual aesthetic and sound design are essential in my storytelling process. Thank you.

United States, Philadelphia | Savannah College of Art and Design
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Rookie of the Year – Runner Up

I’m a 21 year old creative minded student, making motion graphics through 2d and 3d animation. I started learning cinema 4d when I was 14. At first I did it all for fun, I didn’t realise that you could do it for a living. I was 16 when I was sure this film, commercial, motion and design industry had to be a part of my future. I’ve realised through the last couple of years, that the most important thing I want to be a part of, Is telling stories and creating beautiful imagery.

Denmark, Aarhus | 3D College Denmark, Multimedie animator
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Judges Comments

The motion graphics category has stunning work that I consider of professional level quality. It was truly difficult to narrow it down, since each of the submissions is impressive in its own way.
Duarte Elvas
All the finalists demonstrated excellent abilities, lovely stuff!
Sol Rogers

People’s Choice Award

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I’m a motion designer originally from Mexico City now residing in Toronto.  As a mestiza growing up in culturally rich hubs, I aspire to connect with a diverse audience with personal concepts that the underrepresented can relate to and be empowered by. Collaboration is swell and I jump at opportune moments to do groovy pieces with groovy folks.

Mexico, Mexico City | Savannah College of Art and Design, Motion Media Design
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