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Vancouver Film School Scholarship Finalists - 2018

Hand selected by the official judging team
and displayed alphabetically.
All Finalists
Abigail Lo
Abigail Lo Vancouver Film School Visual Effects 245   0   1  
Ahmad Jabassini
Ahmad Jabassini Academy of Art University Architectural Visualisation 436   0   1  
Aldric Lopez
Aldric Lopez AnimSchool Feature Animation 3765   0   1  
Antoine El Khoury
Antoine El Khoury Vancouver Film School Visual Effects 1352   0   1  
Breanna Balzarini
Breanna Balzarini Vancouver Film School Visual Effects 376   0   1  
Carlos Rizo
Carlos Rizo Gnomon Visual Effects 9945   0   1  
Chris Leathers
Chris Leathers CG Spectrum Feature Animation 285   0   1  
Cornelius Cockroft
cornelius cockroft Brainstorm School Digital Illustration 456   0   0  
Cristina Camacho
Cristina Camacho Gnomon Visual Effects 339   0   1  
David Cadena
David Cadena Vancouver Film School Visual Effects 178   0   1  
Edwin Martinez
Edwin Martinez ESCENA Feature Animation 340   0   1  
Felicia Chen
Felicia Chen University of Pennsylvania Digital Illustration 271   0   0  
Gabriel Muñoz Casado
Gabriel Muñoz Casado Utad Visual Effects 375   0   1  
Garrett Matsuno
Garrett Matsuno Think Tank Training Centre Visual Effects 259   0   0  
Henrique Pacci
Henrique Pacci Vancouver Film School Visual Effects 220   0   1  
Jangyong Lee
Jangyong Lee Savannah College of Art and Design Feature Animation 289   0   1  
Jessica Love
Jessica Love Savannah College of Art and Design Visual Effects 228   0   0  
Joshua Puppe
Joshua Puppe Nebraska-Lincoln Architectural Visualisation 1146   0   1  
Celia Hsu
Celia Hsu Savannah College of Art and Design 3D Motion Graphics 360   0   1  
Leo Tang
Leo Tang Capliano University Visual Effects 362   0   1  
Lucie Bossart
Lucie Bossart University of Texas at Dallas Feature Animation 219   0   1  
Minal Luxman Kalkute
Minal Luxman Kalkute University of Utah Visual Effects 202   0   1  
Rafael G. Moheno
Rafael G. Moheno Think Tank Training Centre Visual Effects 1036   0   2  
Riley Nelson
Riley Nelson University of Pennsylvania Visual Effects 212   0   1  
Sajjaad Ahmad Ali
Sajjaad Ahmad Ali Cleveland Institute of Art Game Development 266   0   0  
Shane Roberson
Shane Roberson Art Institute of Austin Game Development 284   0   1  
Sherryn Pattarawuttiwong
Sherryn Pattarawuttiwong Savannah College of Art and Design Visual Effects 599   0   1  
Sonali Dutta
Sonali Dutta Savannah College of Art and Design Visual Effects 350   0   1  
Tayatzin  Cedillo Solchaga
Tayatzin Cedillo Solchaga Universidad Iberoamericana Visual Effects 301   0   1  
Timothée Maron
Timothée Maron ESMA Feature Animation 1332   0   1  
Tommy Roekkum
Tommy Roekkum Noroff University Visual Effects 432   0   0  
Vanni Brighella
Vanni Brighella Academy of Art University Visual Effects 199   0   0  
Yoan Le Souder
Yoan Le Souder ISART DIGITAL Game Development 227   0   1  
Non-Student Finalists
Scholarships applications were accepted by non-students who are not eligible for Rookie accounts. Follow this link to see additional finalists for this scholarship.

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