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CG Spectrum Scholarship Finalists - 2018

Hand selected by the official judging team
and displayed alphabetically.
All Finalists
Ahmad Jabassini
Ahmad Jabassini Academy of Art University Architectural Visualisation 491   0   1  
Alexander Tuma
Alexander Tuma Flinders University / CDW Studios Visual Effects 2654   0   1  
Alisa Poltavskaya
Alisa Poltavskaya Auckland University of Technology Visual Effects 371   0   1  
Angela Sae-Lam
Angela Sae-Lam Academy of interactive Entertainment Visual Effects 1071   0   0  
Ben Spearman
Ben Spearman Victoria University of Wellington Visual Effects 225   0   1  
Benjamin Thomas
Benjamin Thomas CG Spectrum Visual Effects 364   0   1  
Emma Wittwer
Emma Wittwer Flinders University / CDW Studios Visual Effects 1965   0   1  
Gabriel Muñoz Casado
Gabriel Muñoz Casado Utad Visual Effects 441   0   1  
Georg Uebler
Georg Uebler TH Georg Simon Ohm Nuremberg Visual Effects 669   0   0  
Jay Da Rocha Luft
Jay da Rocha Luft Media Design School Visual Effects 295   0   1  
Jess O'Neill
Jess O'Neill CGMasters Academy Visual Effects 1004   0   1  
John Olofinskiy
John Olofinskiy CG Spectrum Visual Effects 7688   0   1  
Jonas Hermelin
jonas Hermelin Media Design School Visual Effects 244   0   1  
Lylah D'Souza
Lylah D'Souza Swinburne University of Technology Visual Effects 211   0   1  
Mai Pham
Mai Pham Enmore design centre Visual Effects 417   0   1  
Maria Delgadillo
Maria Delgadillo Media Design School Visual Effects 559   0   1  
Mary Poutakidis
Mary Poutakidis CG Spectrum Visual Effects 1492   0   1  
Milad Nasiri
Milad Nasiri Media Design School Visual Effects 272   0   1  
Nathania calosa Nema
nathania calosa nema Media Design School Visual Effects 326   0   1  
Rose Swincer
Rose Swincer Flinders University / CDW Studios Visual Effects 771   0   1  
Ryan Mugan
Ryan Mugan Flinders University / CDW Studios Digital Illustration 10208   0   1  
Timothée Maron
Timothée Maron ESMA Feature Animation 1499   0   1  
Tommy Roekkum
Tommy Roekkum Noroff University Visual Effects 494   0   0  
Vincenzo Bufalino
Vincenzo Bufalino CG Spectrum Visual Effects 1599   0   0  
Yuwei Ding
Yuwei Ding Wellington Institute of Technology Visual Effects 236   0   1  
Non-Student Finalists
Scholarships applications were accepted by non-students who are not eligible for Rookie accounts. Follow this link to see additional finalists for this scholarship.

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