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Scholarships - Winners 2017

Congratulations to the following winners selected by
the official judging team.
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CG Spectrum – Winner
Azusa Tojo

I was studying economics and was due to become a banker after I graduated from university in Japan, but I realized that I should do what I love and am passion about in my life, so I decided to come to Vancouver and study about animation. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Recently graduated from Vancouver Film School and I am eager to get my foot through the door in this industry.

Japan, Vancouver | Vancouver Film School, 3D animation & VFX
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Rising Sun Pictures in conjunction with University of South Australia – Winner
Abigail Nath

Hello! My name’s Abby! I was born in Singapore in 1994 and moved to New Zealand in 2005. I have always been interested in art and film, but knew little to nothing about the 3D visual effects world. I decided to enroll at Media Design School in Auckland and threw myself head first into this exciting industry. I am now in my 3rd and final year, and doing my best to learn as much as I can! I also enjoy photography and stuffing my face with chocolate.

New Zealand, Auckland | Media Design School , Bachelor of Art and Design
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Vancouver Film School – Winner
Giulia Arnaboldi

I do want to be an animator, I have passion and I cannot wait to leave Italy to improve and develop my skills. I am confident my enthusiasm for the industry and willingness to learn new skills would make me a valuable animator for any company and I strongly believe I posses the right combination of drive and ambition that studios are looking for.
Thank you for time taken reading this.

Italy, Cantù | Animation Mentor, Advanced Character Animation Studies
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