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Internships - Winners 2017

Congratulations to the following winners selected by
the official judging team.
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Gaming – Monolith Winner (US)
Willow Paquette

My name is Willow Paquette. I am currently attending Gnomon in their games track. Originally from Ohio, after getting my BFA, teaching for 2 years, and for one of those years worked on the art for the Steam game “Mars Colony: Frontier” with one other person. I found myself in a position of wanting to improve beyond my existing BFA so took the plunge to move out to California and gain the amazing experience of learning in the heart of the industry from so many talented instructors.

United States, Los Angeles | Gnomon, Games
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Gaming – NetherRealm Winner (US)
Jacob Samuel Burstein

I am a 3D Modeler and Digital Sculptor with a passion for creating highly detailed original and referenced characters and creatures. I specialize in 3D character sculpting of Characters & Creatures for Animations, Games, Cinematics and 3D Printing.

United States, Savannah | Savannah College of Art and Design, Animation MFA
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Gaming – Ninja Theory Winner (Europe)
Robert Roeder

I can offer a solid understanding of proprietary modelling tools like Maya and 3ds max and an advanced understanding of Zbrush. The creation of PBR-textures with software such as Photoshop, Substance Designer and Painter is also very proficient as well as the process of UVing and baking.

Austria, Salzburg | University Of Applied Science Salzburg, Multimedia Art
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Visual Effects – CVD VFX Winner (Canada)
Riley Gray

My name is Riley Gray and I am an aspiring filmmaker and digital compositor in the Vancouver area. Ever since I was a kid, watching movies in the cinema for the first time, I have always dreamed of working on Hollywood’s biggest and most exciting films. From Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, all films I see inspire my dream to pursue film as a career. Eventually, that passion led me to Capilano University’s two year VFX program where fell in love with visual effects.

Canada, Vancouver | Capliano University, Digital Visual Effects Diploma
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Visual Effects – Double Negative Winner (Canada)
Aeryn Gray

As a freelance artist, every artistic endeavor demands an understanding of composition and color which are vital in creating a believable and aesthetically pleasing image; it is what I strive to achieve, using a mix of 3D modelling (Maya), projections/compositing (Nuke), texturing (Substance) and photoshop.

Canada, Vancouver | Capliano University, 3D Animation
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Visual Effects – Double Negative Winner (Europe)
Brad Healy

​Third year student from the University of Hertfordshire. Primarily focused on a generalist role with specialisms in lighting and rendering looking to start my career as a 3D artist in the film/advertisement industry.

United Kingdom, Hertfordshire | University of Hertfordshire, 3D Digital Animation.
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Visual Effects – Framestore Winner (Europe)
Maurice Miller

I’m an enthusiastic Digital Compositor from Austria and passionate MultiMediaArt student majoring in Film. I’m experienced in working on set, as well as various post production disciplines, and most excited about creating and supporting stories with Visual Effects.

Austria, Salzburg | University Of Applied Science Salzburg, MultiMediaArt
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Visual Effects – Weta Digital Winner (Oceania)
Hening Wang

HI, I am Wang Hening, I am a 2D & 3D artist/concept art designer in Wellington, New Zealand. Last year, I had won two major awards, I came second in the Gwangmyeong Concept Design Competition which holding by Weta Workshop. I also received one of the Wellington International Student Excellence Awards in 2016. I am competent in Adobe Suite and 3D softwares as Modo and Zbrush, I hope you enjoy my works!

New Zealand, Wellington | ACG Yoobee School of Design, Wellington,
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Visual Effects – Weta Digital Winner (Oceania)
Tristan Lewis

My name is Tristan. I’m a recent graduate from Media Design School and looking for my start in the VFX industry. I’ve long been interested in VFX for the special blend of technical and traditional artistic skill it requires. I love that each project presents novel challenges, and find great satisfaction in realising a vision. My career goals are to join a team of passionate artists, contribute to amazing work, and learn from the talent around me. My main areas of interest are sculpting, surfacing, lighting and comp.

New Zealand, Auckland | Media Design School , Bachelor of Art and Design
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